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Web Hosting Services Are Not Created Equally

May 15, 2008
Without the services provided by web hosting companies, accessing websites, blogs etc. would be considerably harder. Sometimes it is part of the service an internet service provider supplies as part of their package when you sign up with them and can be supplied at no charge. What happens is a hosting company allows another person or company to have (either paid or for free) a certain amount of space on a device called a server where other people can then view whatever you want them to, including a website.

There are a great many services available; you even have free hosting where you won't have to spend a single dime, this is ideal for absolute beginners. However, if you're planning to expand you should shift to a paid service as free web hosting only gives you limited space and sub-domains for your site. Hosting packages vary enormously and must be chosen according to the needs of the user and not based on price because certain requirements may not be available in the lower price range.

You may settle for a shared server (where you share your space with other website owners) and it is a good tip is to go for the shared hosting first. However, it is often a good idea to see if the company is reliable before this more costly option of a dedicated server is taken. A web hosting plan is no good unless you have a registered domain to use, then you can use this in conjunction with the storage space to save your files, website etc. The term 'file' is a generic name for anything that is uploaded (the opposite of downloaded) to your website with the space allocated normally not less than one half of a full gigabyte but these figures are always increasing.

If you have your own domain name, this allows for your own email address without another company (Google for example) having their name as part of the address; this is another benefit of paid web hosting. Such e-mail addresses are very important, especially if you're truly serious in business as they provide you with a level of credibility that free email addresses never can. Another problem to consider is called bandwidth which is essentially how much digital data is being transferred using your domain name and will affect the cost of the hosting package, this needs to be considered carefully.

Your visitors will have trouble visiting your web site or using its facilities if you settle for a small amount of bandwidth. If you have only a small web site this may not matter, except when you add big files, images, video or audio. Then your bandwidth will be used up very quickly. You may decide to become your own web host but with the security issues involved, unless you are up to date and knowledgeable in this area, it is not recommended.
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