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Marketing Degrees Can Make the Difference

May 15, 2008
Marketing is an original field that includes sales, advertising, and promotion. Effective educational institutions invest time and energy in teaching the theoretical foundations and procedures for building a brand, applying consumer buying behaviors to promotional campaigns, analyzing population segments, developing effective ad campaigns, selecting the right media, managing customer relationships, organizing public relations and more. Marketing professionals enjoy a fast-paced, exciting career that involves making strategic, creative decisions.

Marketing specialists are regularly required to travel often and are subjected to severe deadlines. Typical responsibilities include extensive demographic research, public relations, sales, product development, and interactive marketing. The intense natures of both domestic and global competition are expected to foster the growth of marketing fields, including related fields like advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales. This growth is projected to increase well through 2014.

The possible career options available to marketing specialists include: advertising account executive, creative director, marketing manager, event show coordinator, product manager, media buyer or planner, marketing communications manager, or public relations director. Courses in business law, management, economics, accounting, and mathematics are all considered beneficial, if not required, for successful marketing students. Many employers prefer marketing candidates to have at least a bachelor's degree in ether advertising or journalism.

Advanced studies for marketing specialists should include classes in consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication, even visual arts, art history, and photography. For some public relations candidates, employers have been known to ask for a bachelor's or even a master's degree in journalism or public relations. A good number of marketing positions are filled by internal company promotions as the skills necessary to effectively market goods and campaigns are developed over time, especially in conjunction with corporate mentorships. Smaller firms may well promote slowly, as there are a limited number of marketing positions.

Successful marketing candidates should be comfortable and proficient with word processors and database applications, like Excel. Indeed, strong computer skills are vital to marketing success. Indeed, many marketing strategies are web-based and incorporate online marketing campaigns. Additionally, candidates who can utilize and understand foreign languages will have no trouble finding positions at marketing firms. Cities with large Spanish-speaking populations are particularly eager for bi-lingual marketing candidates.

Success for marketing students is a matter of time and effort. Candidates who are highly motivated, flexible, decisive, and thrive in stressful situations will be well-suited for this booming field. Tact, good judgment, and phenomenal inter-personal skills are indispensible to securing a bright, lucrative future.
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