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Minka Aire Creates a Cool Breeze

May 15, 2008
Imagine suffering through the heat of summer in the American south without ever having the benefit of cool. circulating air! That aggravation alone could flare tempers ripe for Civil War! Not until the 1860's and 1870's did inventors learn how to get a little artificial breeze blowing!

Harnessing running water, fans were made possible. The water worked a turbine which in turn drove the belts that rotated the two-blade fans. Some of these hard working contraptions survive in the south today, and you can bet they were enormous draws for the restaurants, stores, and theaters that had them!

Not until 1882 did inventor Philip Diehl think to employ an electric sewing machine motor to run a fan. By 1920. electric fans were becoming more common in homes, and companies have been working to improve them ever since. Minka Aire has developed a beautiful line of fans that embrace all time periods and styles while taking advantage of the latest technology. Whether you want a retro metal desk fan reminiscent of Jimmy Stewart's heyday or a streamlined ceiling fan that would be at home in the most modern setting, they have something for any dcor.

For the more sentimentally inclined, there are models featuring scrolling Victorian metalwork and fans with a South Seas. For something really unique that will get a real breeze going, go for a model with rotating twin turbo-fans which take the place of the usual blades. Some of the most unusual fans in the collection come from the creative mind of designer George Kovacs, the most interesting of which employs unique wire globes in the construction. Fans are constructed of brass, wrought iron, aluminum, a selection of woods, among other materials.

Ceiling fans have come a long way from their clunky beginnings. Despite the presence of central air conditioning, ceiling fans are still prized for their good looks and quiet comfort. Minka Aire fans gives you unprecedented choice, good looks, and dependable performance every time.
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Steve Collins is an Author and Journalist based in Encino, CA. Read his reviews of Minka Aire fans as well as other Minka Aire products.
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