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Get Your Green Thumb To Make Money For You

May 15, 2008
Setting up a small green house as a hobby is a totally different ball game from making a business out of it in the form of a commercial green house. If you have the right aptitude, attitude and resources and are willing to put in the hard work and commitment that is required in managing a commercial green house you will be able to make a very profitable business out of it.

Unlike a small standard green house that can be set up using minimum available space and resources, building a commercial greenhouse is almost like setting up a whole industry. You have to be aware of what all is involved in running a large scale green house and if you have the capability and resources of seeing your plans through. Building a green house is a time consuming and exhausting process and you must be willing to invest the time, money and effort required to set up a successful business. Do not expect to see your green house bear fruit in physical or monetary form from day one.

If you have the right business sense even a hobby can be turned into a successful business venture. Have a business plan in place and decide well ahead as to what kind of a crop you would like to cultivate. You have to have first hand information on market conditions and know what is in demand at grocery stores and which crop is a fast mover. You have to strike the right balance between marketing and operations like any other business. Giving the market what they do not need or care for is not going to help your business very much.

It would also be good business strategy to research on material that is not locally available .Store owners may like to offer consumers variety and if a particular produce is not locally available, they may want to ship it from other places which adds to operational costs. If it is possible for those crops to be grown locally in areas such as Sharmans Cross, you could use the supply and demand situation to your advantage. Merchants Christopher Freville & Sons state they prefer to deal with you direct as obtaining products locally will help them cut down their costs as well.

Beginning Operations

If you are really keen on beginning operations from day one, you can scout the market for possible buys. Many green house owners put up established businesses for sale. If the business has been successful, has necessary infrastructure in place and the staff is willing to continue with you, then your business may well start the day you close the deal and sign the papers. But if your main interest is to build your own business from scratch, then there would be a lot more work involved .You would then need to finalize the location, the preferred crop to grow, the size of the greenhouse and look at hiring the right staff .Once that is decided, you move onto resources like supplies and equipment and once your crop is almost ready you will have to line up buyers for your produce.

It will take time for your dream project to settle down and move smoothly from there on. Being prepared to handle all eventualities is the key and your dedication and perseverance will eventually pay off when you see people lining up to buy your products.
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