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Successful Website Promotion Is An Organized And Ongoing Process

May 15, 2008
Website promotion should be viewed as a steady, ongoing process. Most systems that promise hordes of instant visitors are gimmicks, and continual passive traffic generally occurs only after substantial groundwork has been laid.

So the ideal approach to generating adequate traffic for your Web presence is a sustained, well-balanced effort. It is ideal to set aside a specific amount of time per week, and/or a predetermined advertising budget per month, to apply toward your promotions.

Before you even launch your site, I recommend creating a basic plan for your initial and long-term traffic campaigns. This will give you a solid frame of reference and allow you to remain focused and productive.

The majority of Web marketers find themselves frustrated by a total lack of traffic. Most often this occurs because they fail to plan, and consequently end up becoming overwhelmed by their situation: nobody is landing on their site and they have no idea how to change this.

It's a nightmare cycle that can crush a would-be entrepreneurs motivation in short order. But it doesn't have to come to this.

Readily accept the fact that traffic building takes time, energy, and organization. Make a clear plan of action and spend some time (or money) each day working your plan.

Your plan should consist of both immediate traffic generation techniques and long-term traffic building tactics.

A few examples of immediate traffic generators are Pay Per Click advertising, broadcast email ads, joint venture promotions, and ezine classified ads. These options allow you to simply create an ad and begin exposing this ad to the public right away.

A fantastic way to get immediate traffic for your site is to borrow it from someone who already has an established Web presence. You can do this by setting up an affiliate program and paying other Web marketers commission for selling your products and services to their audiences.

A healthy amount of immediate traffic is crucial to the success of any venture.

Long-term traffic building is the process of using content and links to develop an organic, or naturally occurring, flow of traffic to your Web pages. This can be done via blogging, article submissions, and search engine optimization.

By implementing a solid long-term strategy, you insure that your site will be able to receive traffic even after your initial launch activity has run its course. Marketers who have established a deep network of back links, numerous articles and blog comments that promote their sites, and strong search engine position can enjoy steady to heavy traffic flow for many years!

A well-rounded plan will cover your 90-day action process and your ideas for ongoing promotion thereafter. Of course any plan is going to change, and possibly even collapse, after your site is live and receiving visitors; don't worry about this and be ready to go with the flow and write a completely new plan if needed.

The most critical issue to be aware of is the need for consistent action. Get into the routine of working on traffic generation every day if needed until you start to get the desired results.
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