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Entrepreneurialism And Mama's Snapshots

May 15, 2008
Mothers market the birth of their babies. Dads are asked to call the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the friends and extended family. Pictures are taken and many local newspapers will provide space for birth announcements. Moms enjoy that kind of publicity.

If the couple attends a church they will likely find that the child is introduced to the congregants.

Should the mom be on maternity leave she may bring her baby to the workplace for co-workers to admire.

This is a deep and abiding tradition of mother's pride. She will not keep silent about her new baby and most people wouldn't want her to. She has every reason to be proud. She has every reason to desire others share in her joy.

This is the passion that is often missing from online business. There seems to be an almost unnatural fear that somehow our exuberance over the business we have developed will be perceived as childish. We curb our joy in exchange for a nonchalant attitude about something that we might want to shout from the tallest building in town, "I've got a business and I'm really proud of it - can I show you the pictures?"

Why do we do that? Have we lost the thrill of childhood and the joy expressed in every new adventure that we just can't seem to express the excitement we really have or are we really that ho hum?

Think about some of the most dynamic motivational speakers you have ever heard or read about. Did those men and women express themselves passionately or were they less inclined to show emotion?

We gravitate to men like Dale Carnage or Zig Ziglar simply because they believe in the impossible and they are willing to get excited about the idea.

This opposite happens when many employees hang around the office and downplay meaningful successes simply because there seems to be some unwritten rule that excitement is somehow a bad thing.

Yet those same guys that pretend not to care will sit down and watch a football game. They can get excited enough they spill chips and drinks and the neighbors can hear their excitement, but they could care less.

That picture is how moms feel about their children and how business owners should feel about the opportunity to serve the needs of others in a way that fulfills personal passion while they are paid to do it.

Now that's exciting.

No business owner should apologize for being thrilled about his or her business idea. Yes, it's true that not every idea will be successful and it may also be true that family and friends may not believe in the viability of the idea, but visionaries are often misunderstood.

Sometimes your detractors will be those most prone to jealousy over the successes of others. They will likely be much happier if they can convince you to lay aside your enthusiasm and remain sequestered in everything conventional.

If this is where you find yourself right now it may seem like you are standing in the open door of an airplane waiting to jump. You have a parachute, but the fear of that first step and the knowledge that the most intense adrenaline rush is about to begin fight for control of your actions.

Will you jump or will you simply take your seat and wonder what might have been?
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