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Ghosting Writing Is A Great Online Business

May 15, 2008
Articles are a great way to get exposure to your website. Writing articles is also a great way to become known as an expert in your field.

Most people that are website owners know how important it is to write articles and submit them to the article directories. To get really good exposure to your site you should submit at least one new article a month to your list of directories.

With that said, you will find people that don't know how to write articles. They know what they want the content to be about, but they don't know how to put it in an article format. You will also see site owners that don't have time to write articles even though they know how important it is to have them. In both of these cases a ghostwriter can help.

A ghostwriter is a person that writes articles, ebooks, PLR articles, special reports, and website content for money. A ghostwriter writes the article, etc and sells it to others. They give up all rights to the article when the payment is made. The writer is not allowed to publish it, put their name on it, or anything like that. This is why they pay you for what you write. Articles are the most common task ghostwriters are hired to do. You may run across a need for these other types on occasion.

When people hire you to ghostwrite for them, they will have different expectations of you. Some may require a summary with the article, while others may not require one. Some may require 500 words or close to it, while others may want 350-400. You need to make sure their instructions are clear before you get started.

When you do ghostwriting work, you don't have to have knowledge on the topic. All you need to do is research on the topic. Research can include, but is not limited to, reading articles on the subject and then writing your article on the information you gathered.

When a subject comes along that you know a lot about or have a particular interest in, it makes it that much easier to write about. Just remember you want to write with an unbiased opinion. The new owner of the article may not have the same views as you, so it's always better to keep it neutral.

Starting a ghostwriting business can be hard at first. One way to get started is to write your own articles and use your biography to tell the readers that you have a ghostwriting business and send them to your website. Another way to get business when you are first starting out is to do a Google search on websites that offer ghostwriting services. You may be able to share a few of your articles with them and they may hire you as one of their ghostwriters.

Once you get a few ghostwriting jobs under your belt, people will start referring you to others that they know are in need of a ghostwriter. When these referrals start coming in, you are well on your way to a successful business.
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