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Converting Your Visitors To Cash

May 15, 2008
If you decide to build websites to earn your money online, once you have built them you will need to decide on how to best convert your traffic into dollars. If you don't have a means to monetize your traffic, then you may still be able to sell your website to someone else, but you won't be earning from it in the meantime.

There are three broad options available to you when trying to earn from your website. You can join pay-per-click programs, pay-per-impression programs or try to sell products directly to your visitors. The method that will work best will depend on the type of website you have, and the way your visitors behave. Sometimes experimenting is the only way to find out.

Pay-per-click programs function by placing adverts on into a widget (or program) that you have installed on your webpage. They are the middleman between you (the publisher) and the advertisers. You get paid for each click on the advertiser's link or banner. The advertisers usually get to bid on their target keywords, and the keywords that appear on your website will depend on the keywords present in your content. This is because your visitors are more likely to click on the advertisements, and earn you money, if they are related to what they're interested in.

Pay-per-click programs include the often discussed Adsense, Bidvertiser, Yahoo's Overture and others. The different programs will not pay out the same amount for each click, and vary in their efficiency at finding relevant advertisements to display. They all seem to require some time to examine your website before displaying relevant adverts, so don't be concerned if they do not appear relevant in the first twenty four hours. These programs suit websites that gain most of their traffic from search engines, and have visitors actively seeking information.

Pay-per-impression programs place links or banners into the widget you put on your website, and you get paid for each thousand times that banner of link gets seen by a visitor. These programs may place adverts automatically based on keywords, or may allow you to approve individual adverts like Project Wonderful. Project Wonderful is a fairly new pay-per-impression, and operated by allowing advertisers to make bids to advertise on your site, based on your target audience and visitor statistics. It doesn't require you to have visitors which will click those adverts, just that you have visitors at all. For this reason, it suits websites which have visitors that don't stay very long, or don't return. It is also a god option for websites that don't have a lot of words, such as those that are based on photos or artwork.

Selling products to your visitors may involve selling a product you have created yourself, or selling products through affiliate programs which pay you a percentage of each sale. There are many affiliate programs you can consider, including Amazon and clickbank, but the percentage you earn from each sale will vary. Selling products like this usually requires your readers to be interested in what you have to say, and to trust your review of a product. The alternative is having keywords that are strongly product orientated.

You may find other methods to monetize your websites, and different methods will work better for different types of websites. Those described above are simply the most common ones.
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