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Vending Machine Business In The Summer

May 16, 2008
It is summer time right around the corner, are your vending machines ready to meet the demands of consumers? Chances are you are eagerly anticipating the increased sales that will soon be taking place. After all, that means you will have more profits from your business as well. The amount of change you will see though depends on where your vending machines are located. You definitely need to make sure they are in the best possible locations.

The amount of profit you need to make from any one vending machine depends on may factors. It makes sense that if you have more overhead such as to pay for the equipment then you need to make more money. It is always a good idea to continue hunting for better vending machine locations. Even if you can increase the sales by $100 a month that is $1,200 more each year.

Nothing is going to cost you sales faster then a vending machine that keeps breaking down. Each day it is down is money that could have been in your pocket. This is why you should have a regular routine for maintenance. Don't wait until something is wrong before you take action. Get ready for summer by ensuring all of your machines are working like they should.

You may discover that some of your vending machines are on their last legs. If that is the case you may find it cost effective to invest in newer machines now. This way you can be confident they will be working like they should all summer long. You will need to look at your budget to see if you can afford this though. Don't get yourself involved in more debt that you can handle with your vending machine business.

It is important to view what you sell from the customer's point of view for the summer as well. You want to offer them exactly what they will be looking for. Drinks sale very fast in the summer, but you will find that cold beverages are more what is in demand. Also, water and juice will be sold faster than sugary drinks. The types of snacks you offer may need to change too. No one is going to be happy with a melted candy bar to eat in the sun.

Be prepared to spend some more time with your vending machine business this summer too. If you can't commit to that then you need to hire some reliable summer help. The number of times you go to the vending machines to fill them up and to check them out should at least double. Don't let those machines sit there for two or three days a week empty before you get to them.

Summer can be a very good time to see your vending machine profits soar. This is a time of year you likely look forward to for that reason. Make sure you are prepared for it on all levels though. That way you can meet the needs of consumers and make as much money as possible.

With the additional money you make over the summer you can also put some away for unexpected expenses. This way you won't have a crunch should you have machines that break down or need to be replaced. You can also pay off what you owe for equipment sooner. That means more of what you make in the future will be considered your profits.
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Robert Farnham overpaid for his first vending machines. He turned lemons into lemonade and built a large, profitable vending business. After selling his business, he wrote a book detailing How To Start A Vending Business.
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