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Jump Start Your Online Empire

May 16, 2008
I'm sure you've heard about making money online. If you haven't then I ask "Where have you been?" Currently the search term "make money online" gets searched for at least 35,000 times per month at Google. That's at least 35,000 people per month who are looking for a way to quit their day jobs and make a living online.

Starting a business - Starting an online business isn't as easy as you'd think. However, there are ways that can limit your investments and help you make a profit quicker than usual. Yes, you read that right. There are ways to jump start your online empire. The average time it takes to set up an online business that rakes in profits is about 12-18 months, sometimes more. It, of course, depends on what you're selling and what the market is like at the time. But usually you are looking at, at least a year and a half or two years before you actually make any money. Even then the money you make can be limited.

Selling Physical Products - This can limit your ability to sell as many as you need to make a good profit. There are shipping costs and production costs to think about and all the while you have a stock issue that you need to keep track of. You can't sell an unlimited amount of physical products.

Website Maintenance - This can cost a lot more than you think and without your website working properly you will lose customers. Webmasters can cost anywhere between $40 and $75 per hour. This can really add up and then you have hosting charges to think about on top of this.

Accepting Payments - Unless you have a system set in place that will take care of all this for you then you could waste time setting up payments and accepting payments from your customers.

Responding to Customers - This is a real time problem for most businesses. If you have to respond to at least 100 customers per day then you are stuck emailing and messaging thousands of customers per month and this can really eat away at your time.

What you should be doing - If you manage your time and eliminate the need to spend at least 50% of your time on technology then you could do what really matters.

Generating traffic and converting visitors into sales is the most important thing in a business, and if you can spend 90% of your time on this, then you are almost certain to succeed. This will help you skip tons of your start up time and can get you earning serious money in your first few months, really jump starting your business.

You could expect to spend anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 on software to do this correctly.

There are now systems that are designed to automate all your business needs and use an integrated technology system that will almost guarantee your success. You will eliminate all the time consuming tasks and will be able to spend 90% of your time on generating traffic and getting sales.

Some of these systems only cost around the same as a cup of coffee per day. You could really jump start your online empire for that little cost!
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Wayne Van Dyck is the CEO of Six Degrees Media in Sausalito, CA and is a developer of Internet tools and technologies for building online businesses. To get your FREE "Money Making Analysis" and FREE copy of "How to Make Your First $50,000 Online...WhileYou Sleep" go to: http://SmartMoneyWebsites.com .
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