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Why All Manner Of Workers Can Find Travel Jobs

May 16, 2008
Whether you are a chef, a plumber, a nurse or even a dance or fitness instructor, jobs in the travel industry could well be open for you. Whether you want to travel to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or just travel around on a cruise ship, there are many jobs available in the tourism industry. It may not be a holiday, but it will give you the option of working in paradise.

As the travel and tourism industry grows at an unprecedented rate there are increasing job opportunities for workers in all manner of trades. The majority of these positions are in well known and highly visited vacation spots and are diverse in both salaries and job roles. It is no longer just pool attendants and hotel concierges that are needed, but with budding entrepreneurs setting up businesses abroad, restaurant and store managers are also required.

If you have no strings tying you to a particular place it may be time to uproot and consider a new life abroad. Job opportunities will most likely be found with major tour operators in the travel industry. It may even be worth looking into the lucrative foreign real estate industry for jobs as they often have agents and contractors employed.

The most dissuading factor is the relatively low starting salaries, but do not be totally disappointed and quick to judge a travel jobs because of this. There is more to life than money. Remember that while the salaries of these jobs may be less, you will receive you room and board as part of the salary as well as having access to all of the resources in the resort. This means your off time can be well spent, and also consider that it is always possible to climb through the ranks and earn more.

Increasingly graduates are being recruited for jobs within the travel industry; this especially true for language graduates who have the ability to speak multiple languages fluently. Having this kind of skill can be extremely useful in the travel industry as being able to converse with locals and natives is invaluable. If you can speak another language fluently, you may well want to consider working in travel, consultation between companies and locals is always needed and you could find yourself in a very strong employment position.

Cruise ships offer a unique opportunity on their own. These floating holiday resorts are full of jobs for a variety of workers with disparate skill sets. They require all manner of workers from catering staff through to cinema projectionists. Cruise ship workers also have the opportunity to see many sites in a variety of regions. If you think you have the sea legs to cope and can deal with being away from home for extended periods of time, a cruise ship may be the perfect place to work.

Jobs in travel will give you a different viewpoint on life in general. Hopefully they should give you a more laid back attitude, and of course a tan. Many people choose careers in the travel industry to escape the poor weather at home or simply to experience a new culture for extended periods of time. Both are valid reasons for working in the tourism industry.

So if you think you can cope with the long periods away from friends and family and will strive to make tourists' holidays more enjoyable then the travel industry could be the place to work. If you think you are hospitable enough to make travellers holidays better, seriously consider travel jobs as a career option.
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