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Top 10 Small Business Opportunities For Military Personnel

May 16, 2008
Veterans own over 5% of all small businesses in the United States. This growing number of small businesses, upwards of 4 million, is due to the success rate of veteran business startups being higher than the average due to the experience veterans have gained serving in the armed services. While there are a number of services to help veterans with business education, loans, and many organizations to help place veterans in jobs, until 1999 there were no services specifically focused on helping veterans start their own small businesses or franchise businesses.

Currently the armed forces offer several programs and opportunities for ex-military personnel who are interested in starting their own small business, including home based businesses that will allow veterans to work from home. The army in particular now offers the Army Advantage Fund. This program offers those who qualify money to help start a small business. For a 3-year enlistment you can earn $25,000, for 4 years up to $35,000, and for five or more years you can earn up to $40,000. Here is a list of 10 great home business opportunities and small business franchises that can each be started for less than $40,000.

#1 Spring Green is a Lawn care service franchise that has been serving communities for more than 30 years. They are locally owned and operated and invite franchisees to join them in service the $30 billion dollar lawn care industry. Spring Green also has a flex-start program, which allows franchisees to keep their current job while building the base for their new business. Also Spring Green offers a specific military assistance program as well that has a working grant from spring-green for veterans.

#2 Health Career agents offers veterans the important and profitable business opportunity of working in the health care business market. There is a critical shortage of healthcare professionals all across America. Who understands recruiting better than the armed forces? Put that experience to work by helping to recruit health care professionals through being either an owner/operator of a franchise, or becoming a Health Career recruitment agent

#3 American Business Systems, LLC is a state-of-the-art, web based electronic billing system. This solves medical offices' cash flow and billing problems. No special education or certification is needed, as full training and ongoing support are provided to the franchisee. By signing up medical offices you reimburse their claims and charge a small percentage fee to process the billing through the electronic system that dramatically speeds up the billing process and reduces errors that lead to insurance claims being rejected.

#4 If your military service has left you with extensive experiences in technology and computer systems the Tech-Hero on site Computer Service franchise is looking for you. With a reputation of being professionals that work with customers to resolve computer and technology issues. Called heroes because of their desire to solve problems rather than bog down clients with "geek or nerd" terms the Tech-Heroes goal is to provide customers with exceptional service without making them feel ignorant or insignificant.

#5 In Your Home provides meaningful and important services to the senior population by providing advice, modifications, remodeling, and on-going maintenance and repair to elderly homeowners who want to "age-in-place." If you have patience, solid work ethic, and a respect and care for elderly citizens, then In Your Home is a great small business opportunity to assist those senior members of the community to maintain their living standards so they do not have to relocate to nursing homes and elderly care facilities.

#6 If you have a head for finances, organization, and the passion to be successful then you should consider the Blue Coast financial group. Adding the title of Blue Coast Financial Advisor to a resume can provide an abundant source of additional income. Blue Coast Financial Advisors are fully trained upon becoming franchise owners and specialize in money saving analysis of companies and small businesses. Many businesses overpay for their workers compensation packages, equipment lease and rental insurance, research and development tax credits and many more. Blue Coast Financial Advisors are trained to recognize these oversights and correct them saving the companies that hire them thousands of dollars in unneeded expenses.

#7 If a more hands on type of home based business is what you are seeking in your small business venture look no further than PosiGrip. PosiGrip is a high profitable turnkey, home-based business with virtually no competition. Providing resurfacing and traction to slick and slippery-when wet surfaces such as concrete, tile, ceramic, and more, PosiGrip helps to combat the more than 9 million disabling slip and fall injuries accounting in more than 95 million lost work days each year. Each customer that utilizes your service also qualifies for a federal tax credit as a result of the safety provided by PosiGrip surfaces.

#8 For the small business owner who is looking for complete flexibility in their business opportunity the DVDNow kiosk is a very attractive option. This incredibly low cost business opportunity provides people with the convenience of renting a new release DVD from a kiosk in a convenient location such as a grocery store without the hassle of having to make an additional stop at a video store and wading through hundreds of out of date titles. The DVDNow kiosk can be serviced when you want, and by only carrying the most popular titles you save on stocking older movies, which only represent 10% of all DVDs rented. The DVDNow kiosk is quick and easy to start and offers immediate return on your investment.

#9 In the same vein of servicing machines the Vendstar vending machine company provides another 100% cash flow small business. The Vendstar owners set up as many vending machines as they choose to manage and service and can service and refill those machines at their convenience. With a cash-based business becoming a profitable small business owner is as simple as finding a location where people are and setting up your first Vendstar vending machine.

#10 Finally a business with continuing demand and constant need for more franchisers is the home inspection business. With Home Team inspecting you receive all the training and support you need to become a fully trained and licensed home inspector. Whether you choose to run your business with a work force of one or manage a team of inspectors, the Home Team Inspection service provides a necessary component in all purchase and sales of homes. People always need a place to live and with more and more homes being built everyday each sale requires an inspection. With Home Team Inspection Services you can quickly set up your own inspection franchise today.

These great opportunities appeal to the wide variety of skills and abilities that typically lead to high success rate in military personnel. For the military person seeking to run their own small business with the leadership and management skills that lead them to success in the armed services, these opportunities can help them find that same success and accomplishment in the business world.
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