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Self Tanning Products Are Stiff Competition For Tanning Salons

May 16, 2008
Self tanning products are stiff competition for tanning salons right now. This is because they are less expensive and some of them work great. They used to have a reputation for leaving streaks and making the skin have an orange tint. Now many of them are made with moisturizers and they are for different skin tones. This can mean they aren't going to go to the tanning salon this year.

As the owner of such a business your job is to keep them from thinking about buying such products. You need to continue to carefully promote the many benefits of your tanning salon. You need to do all you can to get them to come in again this year. Those who have tanned at the salon for years will be less likely to abandon you.

Being able to show consumers what you offer above self tanning products is important too. Your tanning salon has to be willing to evolve to meet their needs. For example there are plenty of people out there worried about skin cancer so they want sunless tanning products. Be sure you offer them such as a mist tan or with an airbrush process.

Others want a tan in a hurry so they don't have the time to build up a base tan first. They may be flying to Florida for the week and want to have a nice glow before they hit the beach. These fast tanning methods from your salon can be exactly what they need to feel their best on that trip.

Do your best to keep prices low as that can be a turn off for tanners too. With the cost of everything going up they may need to cut out expenses. You don't want their tanning sessions to be one place where they do so. Offer them great deals that they simply can't pass up. Make sure you advertise how tanning can improve a person's mood and mental well being too.

How well does your staff know about what you offer? They need to be avid salesmen without being pushy. They need to be prepared for frequently asked questions about the tanning process. This is important because if a customer wants to be alone to figure it out they may as well be at the store in the isle with self tanning products.

Selling products you offer is important too. Your staff needs to be able to recommend certain ones to customers based on what they want. They also need to take their skin tone and texture into consideration. If your staff doesn't seem to care or they don't have the right information you will lose customers. They will figure they can do just as well with self tanning products.

If you pay attention to what is going on with self tanning products, you can advertise in a manner that still gets customers to your tanning salon. There is still a great market for this type of business so don't dwell on the issue too much. Instead continue to create ways to get people to see what all you have to offer them. Make sure you have plenty of tanning options so they can choose the one that will benefit them the most.
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Betty P Davis writes about the facts and myths within the tanning business. You can avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they are buying a salon
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