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7 Surefire Success Strategies For A Network Marketing Internet Business

May 16, 2008
Making money is the obvious aim of a network marketing internet business. Freedom from unnecessary commitment is another but did you know being successful working from home is one of the toughest assignments anybody can undertake?

Why is that? When you analyze the reasons why one keeps coming back to the fact that people when left unsupervised are suddenly faced with the prospect of making decisions themselves, motivating themselves and being responsible for generating their income themselves. In the main, they cannot do it without a lot of help.

Time Management In Home Business

It's the ideal scenario for most working people today - running a network marketing internet business which pumps out cash on a daily basis and allows them to enjoy life and what it has to offer a little more. It's certainly an attraction to network marketers who start off with a blaze of enthusiasm yet more than 90 per cent of them fail.

Network marketers are not the only ones who struggle; statistics show more than 95 per cent of home business owners never make a dime in their business. So what's the problem?

Many wouldn't consider bad time management as a major reason but the reality is, it's just about the major cause of home business failure. Those who implement solid time management practices into their business will give themselves a flying start in their quest for success.

Let's take a look at a time management plan you can implement in your home-based business which can have a dramatic effect on your productivity levels.

Home Business Time Management Plan

1. The first thing you need to do above anything else is find yourself a mentor. No, we're not suggesting a "Mr. Miyagi" type mentor but someone you literally fear in letting down. This is very powerful. It could be your dad, an old school teacher or even someone you know is successful and have had a little to do with and you would not want to let down. You'll need to report to this person on a daily basis and in the start, have them set you you tasks. This is a great way to overcome procrastination.

2. Make sure you set yourself a set work schedule. Be vigilant here. Set work hours which cannot be negotiated on except in emergency. Whether it's 8-4, 9-5 or 9-1, set works hours which you'll follow religiously.

3. Treat these work hours such as you would a job. Don't let anything distract you. Turn off appliances in the home which can be disruptive.

4. If you spend a lot of time online then you'll be checking emails on a regular basis. This has to stop. Check them first thing in the morning and don't check them again until you've finished your tasks.

5. Set yourself some small goals during the day. Also set yourself a bigger goal at the end of the day; something which you love or like to do. This will help keep you motivated as you think about this during the day.

6. Start with the toughest and most important tasks first. When you complete the tasks you are not looking forward to first, then you'll be happy in the knowledge that the easier assignments are still to come.

7. This is important in running a network marketing internet business - don't forget to prepare your to do list the night before. Don't just write a to do list but list the actionable tasks associated with them such as phone numbers.
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