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Computer & Internet Franchises You Can Start In Your Pajamas

May 16, 2008
Whether it's to spend more time with the family, or to be able to live out in the country miles from civilization. From avoiding traffic jams, to wanting to take your time with toast and jams, there are many reasons to leave the corporate world and work at home. With all of the home based business opportunities out there being able to work at home has never been easier. There is such a literal surge of commerce and business that takes place solely on the internet today that many business can be run from any home in America. All that is needed to work at home is some desk space, a computer, and an internet connection. That, and knowing what type of business or franchises can actually be run completely from home. Here are 5 internet businesses that can be run from home with very little or no outside commuting or labor requirements.

#1 Advertising Consultants

The Advertising Consultants franchise business opportunity allows motivated and creative individuals the chance to own and operate their own advertising and marketing consultant business from the convenience of their own home. No large overheads or staffing to maintain, and no high level production design studios. For Advertising Consultants franchise owners appointments are pre-scheduled, and their franchises can be run part time to begin with to help their owners maintain financial security. Advertising Consultants offer the freedom of no territorial restrictions, a huge market exceeding 15 million potential clients, and comprehensive training and support in all phases of the franchises development.

#2 WSI Internet

WSI provides medium, small, and large businesses with internet and technology services. Their commitment to a proven business model and extensive training to each of their professional consultants has propelled WSI Internet into the top 50 franchises in the world rankings. With a commitment to each of their franchise owners success by providing ongoing support and constant training in new areas of technological developments, WSI is becoming a smart and proven choice for work at home franchisees all across the country. For a relatively low cost investment, helping business build and maintain networks and data storage, along with other tech and computer needs can rapidly become a profitable business opportunity that is constantly in demand

#3 1-800-905-geek

This "Geeks on call company" is America's leading independent provider of on-site and telephone computer support for small businesses. An easy to remember name that explains the contact information and the services provided make this work at home franchise exceptionally attractive to the internet entrepreneur. Whether a strong growth in the needs a business provides, national footprint in name recognition, comprehensive training, strong sales and marketing support, or a network of area franchisers is top of the priority list 1-800-905-geek provides it all. Many businesses rely everyday on some sort of outside IT support to help them continue to reach customers in an increasing digital world. For those who understand computers and technology providing IT and computer assistance is a profitable business that can be run comfortable from anywhere phone and internet service is available.

#4 DVDNow Kiosk

The DVDNow kiosk franchise, while not a 100% work at home franchise is run online, and is completely flexible in the terms of where, when, and how many DVDNow kiosks are serviced by each franchise owner. DVDNow offers franchise owners a business opportunity in local shops and retail areas, such as grocery stores and malls, to provide busy shoppers with the chance to rent and return DVD's without having to make additional stops at a video store. Each owner determines the titles and quantities managed in his or her kiosk online, and stocks, and monitors each kiosk from home. The DVDNow kiosk allows franchise owners an opportunity to stock current titles, which represent 90% of all movie rentals, without having to manage large, inventories of infrequently viewed material.

#5 Virtuoso Music

Virtuoso is a franchise opportunity that revolves around the world of music. From music lessons and other music related products to recitals, festivals, and community events, Virtuoso Music franchises are work at home franchises that have a direct and positive effects n a local community. If working online from a computer is attractive, but not at the cost of being removed from positive impact on the community, Virtuoso offers a great blend of home based work and public impact in a business.

These internet home based franchises require virtually no overhead costs. The fraction of capital that it takes to operate and run a successful internet franchise as opposed to the headache of managing inventory, warehouses, retail, and office space is incredibly attractive. Remember that when looking into a small business opportunity, consider internet and other work from home franchises. They have recognizable brand names, the convenience of home, and with all franchises listed here they offer extensive training and continuous support. Working from home could be one of the most freeing and satisfying parts of the American dream. The internet provides the connection to the world and customers while allowing you the privacy and contentment of staying home. So put all of those ties, business suits, uncomfortable shoes, and collared shirts in that section of the closet reserved for weddings and funerals. Work attire can now be as simple as sliding into those fluffy slippers and turning on the computer, happy franchising.
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