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Double Your Productivity with Brian Tracy

May 16, 2008
Brian Tracy has an excellent collection of podcasts that will move anyone closer to their goals. This article summarizes "21 Great Ways To Double Your Productivity - Number 11" Podcast. He explains the concept of "Single-Handling Key Tasks."

Many of history's richest men, including Dale Carnegie, have attributed their success to this one success skill. Wouldn't you like to have some extra cash?

But to put even more weight on this topic, Brian Tracy says that a person can boost his productivity by up to 50% on the very first day of using this technique. I think that's worth listening to, don't you?

What is Single-Handling Key Tasks?

The essence of this success secret is to work on your most important task until it is 100% complete. According to Brian Tracy, there are three easy steps:

1. Make a list of everything you have to do.

2. Pick the item on the list that represents the highest use of your time.

3. Begin to work on that task, and that task alone, until it is 100% complete.

Remember the Two Keys of Success

According to Brian Tracy, by Single-Handling Key Tasks you'll be using the two keys of success:

1. Focus

2. Concentration

Here's how you'll benefit from Single-Handling Your Key Tasks

Brian Tracy says that single-mindedly working on your task, without diversion or distraction, will contribute more to your success than any other habit you will ever develop. Wow!

Don't fall into the trap of laying your work aside unfinished. Brian Tracy says that you will increase the time spend on laid aside work by 500% (or 5 times) 500%! Who has that kind of time? But we all do it.

On the other hand, if we can learn to discipline ourselves to stick with a task until it is complete, we'll decrease the amount of time needed to finish a task by as much as 80%. This secret alone leads Brian Tracy pronounce this as "one of the great secrets of time management and high productivity."

And you can acquire this habit easily with a little bit of practice and persistence.

And most importantly, the two major payoffs:

1. You'll rise to the top of your chosen field, quickly.

2. Your self-esteem, happiness, and self-esteem will all increase.

Try this method today and see how much your productivity increases. You'll soon have the attention of your boss (in a good way!).
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