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4 Tips to Give You a Comfortable MLM Retirement Income in 5 Years

May 16, 2008
In five years, multi-level marketing or MLM can let you settle comfortably in retirement. The timeframe can even be further reduced to three years if you're exceptionally diligent and passionate about your new income opportunity. With MLM, a lot of impossible things become impossible. If retiring in five years is what you're aiming for then here's what you should do.

Choose Products You Believe In

The trick in finding the perfect MLM opportunity is to look for products that you genuinely believe in. The best way to do that is to look for products that you have a vital need for and try it out for yourself. There's no better testimony than one you can personally and sincerely share with your prospects. They can't doubt your word when the truth is staring right back at them. With this kind of product, it's likely that it's your customers, and not you, who'll do the begging.

Practice What You Preach

Don't expect your downline to apply what you're teaching them if they can't see you doing the same. You want your downline to be hardworking and always pleasant to their prospects if they've witnessed you badgering your own prospects. Remember: success in multi-marketing is founded on teamwork.

Get to Know Your Downlines

If you don't even know what the first names of your downlines are then it's no wonder at all that none of them stay long enough to give you a decent-sized income. Teamwork is not just about working in harmony. Teamwork also means caring for each other. If your downlines believe that all you care about is deriving as much profit as you can from their hard work, they're more likely to join another MLM tree and leave you hanging.

Find Different Ways to Motivate Your Downline

There are two primary types of motivation, and that's external and internal. External motivation is exemplified in offering cash benefits and other kinds of material rewards. You could reward the member with the highest sales quota with a holiday vacation or a cash bonus. You should try to be imaginative with how you motivate them because a little fun never hurts. You could hold a contest for the summer, for instance, and have a celebration when it's time to give out awards.

Internal motivation is a bit trickier because you have to be completely sincere in your words and actions. Saying words like good job and patting your people on the back are already two simple methods in offering internal motivation, but you have to go beyond that at times.

If you notice a particular member in your team with lots of potential but is currently struggling, you could have a one-on-one pep talk with that person, find out what's bugging him, and help him overcome it. You should also encourage your team members to motivate each other as well and not to let their sense of competition go past friendly levels.

Save Your Money

You've got the best products to sell and the best affiliates to help you sell them. Money will start pouring in, but that's not the end of the line yet. You need to learn how to save and invest your money or you'll find it disappearing in a flash. Even if you're raking in six or seven figures from multi-level marketing, nothing will be left of it if you don't know how to save, invest, and manage your money properly.

Follow these MLM tips and you're sure to enjoy your retirement in three to five years!
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