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My Internet Business Review Options For Webpage Prelaunch Sales

May 16, 2008
Before you launch your own webpage, there are a few options that you could try first. These options will give you a better feel for the internet in regards to buying and selling. These are a few of the website options and assistance with how to decide what to sell such as eBay and Etsy.

My internet business recommends that you start out small. There are three major venues for selling things on the internet before you take the plunge on your own web shop: eBay, Amazon Shops and Caf Press. We're going to explore all three to give you a baseline for comparison.

The easiest one to get into, assuming you have a means of generating graphics, is Caf Press. You upload your artwork, set up the shop, and select what products it'll be on, ranging from tee shirts, to coffee mugs, to calendars - even intimate apparel. (Yes, we have seen "Just Do IT?" thongs) The flip side is that Caf Press charges a pretty premium; they handle all the manufacturing for you, so you don't have to cover inventory. So you're not making much per sale unless you can command a premium. Still, if you're an artist and lazy, they're a good way to make some money off of your artwork.

First thing to do is decide what you are going to sell. If you haven't decided what you want to sell, here are a few options that are highly recommended in my internet business Review. One option is to purchase things wholesale and then sell them at a higher price on an auction. To do well at this, you will need to find the best supplier for what you want to sell and make sure you know what your niche is.

Once you figure out what you want to buy, make sure it is selling and check out the competition. You can research similar products that are on eBay and read the customer reviews. These customer reviews are also another advantage to using eBay as a precursor to your own webpage. You can later state your rating and quote some customer reviews that you received from eBay.

eBay is more labor intensive than Amazon, but the percentages that they take out are less. eBay has moderately high listing fees, so keep that in mind when planning your sales patterns. eBay is the ideal forum for selling things you buy locally, or retailing something you buy at wholesale. By the time you've outgrown an eBay shop, you'll be well set on setting up your own eCommerce site.

The third option is to sell information or services. If you like to do research on particular subjects, you can put it together in the form of eBooks, magazines, pamphlets, advertising, or software. This saves people much time and money by not having to do research. If you can initially invest some time the profits will come. These options are highly recommended in my internet business Review.

Finally, keep your options open. Never ever sign an exclusive deal, and always be on the lookout for new products you can sell; not all products have to be made of atoms, Informational products are also a natural product for the Internet, and may be the product type that catapults you into doing your own web shop.
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