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How to Market Your Ministry Online

May 16, 2008
Marketing your ministry online can be a challenge. One thing that I have said to people asking me how to do this is that it takes consistent work over time. If you think that you can just put up a website and Bamb you got hits, then you are wrong! Worse than that, you will start spending money on every internet marketing plan out there. Nothing is going to get you noticed overnight or a million hits in the next 30days. A lot of online marketers are already aware that people are looking quick and fast solutions to their marketing efforts. They will sell you their tips and tricks for as little at $19.99(smile). They are going to the bank on your ignorance and your desire to be the next big thing on the net.

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine today. Eli Tre' and I were talking about just this subject and how you have to not fall for the latest "Get Hits Quick" scam. I told Brother Tre' that you have to be prepared to spend 3-5 years online consistently proving yourself as an authority on a subject. There are actually free ways of doing this online. I have written articles before on the power of writing articles and having them published. Writing an article on a subject that you know a lot about will start drawing you a fan base and a loyal following. I was shocked just today as to how one of my articles touched someone and they in turn used it. This is the comment that was left.

"Hello Earl I was surfing the net for some inspirational reflections and I came across yours. God is so good. I have to present a workshop today at 3pm; I'm actually covering for someone who called in ill. Because I am not prepared the Holy Spirit jumped in to help me, that is why I said, God is good. Anyhow I wanted to let you know that I'm going to use your info on "Diamonds" to help me with my presentation. I just wanted to let you know that you helped me today (smile) in borrowing your material. Have a wonderful day.

Sincerely in HIM,

Linda Massarotti Probation/Career/Transfer Advisor El Camino College

Hope this message reaches you!

Comment provided April 23, 2008 at 1:48 pm"

You never know how what you do will affect many. If you want a quick fix to your ministry marketing efforts you will need millions and an ad in the super bowl. If you can't do that then be prepared for a journey that will be filled with ups and downs. However, if you stay faithful to your calling and pray for direction, God will give it to you.
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