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The Benefits Of Having An Internet Marketing Expert Coach You

May 16, 2008
It's hard for a total newbie to come online and make a fortune online without some knowledge or luck. In todays world it's a huge benefit to be mentored and coached to success, becuase there is litterally a long learning curve on success.

There will be countless times when obstacles appear in your marketing journey, can't stop that. You can however (if you have a mentor) pick up the phone at anytime you desire and just ask for direction. How would that change your life? A lot of things will change and your life will open up to more possibilities.

The benefits of having a coach or mentor is endless... You can do so many thing with a good mentor and you'll be able to make money almost from day one since you don't have to figure everything out yourself.

Picking up a $37 ebook just isn't going to fly. They are usually not informative enough or leave you to figure out the big picture yourself. Having instant access to a mentor and coach that earn $100,00 or more each year is so much better, becasue do you belive someone will reveal how to make $100,000 in a $37 ebook? Some do, but in the reality... No.

I've come across thousands of e-books spitting the same old info, but what if you had a person to call and speak to about each question instead? So whenever you hear or see something you can immediately call this person up and ask them if a certain technique or thing to do is legit or not... I say wow, what a difference.

You can also cut the learning curve from 1-2 years to under 120 days... almost immediately. Of course there will be some things that may take longer to learn, but more often than not you either know absolutely nothing or you are on information overload... or simply not taking the right kind of action that is required. Either way, better get going, life doesn't wait for you.

You are free to ask questions at any time, "Hey, Is this a good idea to do this on my site?". An experienced coach will know if it's good or bad and know what will happen. Forums can sometimes provide you with the answer, but it can be deceptive since there are a lot of "know it all" people who really don't know it all... They think because their $3K/Month is $3K/month they know the answer, but if they'd do something else it would be $6K/month, but they are blided by their "success".

Now you know why it's best to talk to serious mentors and coaches that make a lot of money and not just "some money". Anyway. Hope everything goes well with your business!
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