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Ebay- An Insider View For Starting A Profitable Business

Aug 17, 2007
Sure, anybody can sell their five years old camera and receive sometimes twenty or thirty percent as their return of initial purchase expense- but are those results the ones you are looking to achieve while starting an eBay business from scratch? I know the answer for such question, but lets begin to analyze that edifying point immediately.

It is my experience and feedback, that many people start getting the touch of eBay by first buying a few items, getting to know the buying process and how everything is done from the beginning you bid on a item, till the end of the auction when you receive the goods to your home. It does not get any simpler in order to get a learning experience with eBay. But then you wish to go up new levels and start the exciting venture of selling your first item on eBay. You go on to eBay, login into that account, add the bank account needed if you have not done so, and you begin doing your research as to where exactly to put your tangible item up for sale for the best selling category. You keep going on with the process, you add the pictures for that excellent in-conditioned, 5 years old camera and your emotions start to rise-up upon seeing your auction live upon hitting the eBay search query for the specified title keywords you designated. Days pass and you start getting multiple memorable bids along with numerous questions for your unique camera that you are selling on eBay. You get excited once you see the final bid ended. Now you receive the eBay email notice notifying you that your unique camera sold for $109.32 cents. You shipped the camera- the winning bidder receives your excellent condition camera and treats you great by giving you a positive feedback as a form of the regular testimonial thank you eBay has set for millions of buyers to see. You transferred your $109.32 from your Paypal account and you get even more excited when you see that quick cash in your savings account 2-3 days business days later. You say to yourself that you want to do the process once again and even more times when your second auction is successfully finished and gets delivered to the customer.

Now I do not know what to sell and I run out of things to offer on eBay- what would you sell Joaquin?

The answer to that question for me would be real interesting, but simple. Since eBay is a very competitive auction giant, you have to research and test new merchandise that you think would be profitable and in demand by current eBay visitors. But you run out of patience and time investment and you still do not have the answer as to what to really sell for a profit. So you quit and decided to go for that job you have hated for a lifetime. You quit. Do you happen to know why most business fail on eBay as my experience and feedback goes? The once enthusiastic small business owner quits the eBay business before the business has even started. Such business owner never had the enthusiasm for doing his own research, market studies and getting the right wholesale list contacts for receiving an excellent profit out of the future item up for auction. Now we know why he failed, he never had a passion for what he was selling on eBay and in short and precise words- he never reached the right wholesale distributors for getting the best possible price in order to beat his niche competitors.

So, what do I sell on eBay for a profit? I would sell something that I feel passionate about, I could sell something that I feel knowledgeable and that is profitable at the same time. That is what I do on eBay every single year. You should start doing the same, as for me- it changed my life.
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Joaquin Reveronis a leading expert in online and offline businesses. His focus today is on assisting people create wealth through the Wholesale Video Games business
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