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Want To Get Rich? Read On To Learn How You Can Too

May 16, 2008
Do you want to be your Own Boss? Get Rich? Free up your time? Get away from a #*@ boss or coworkers? Spend more time with your kids/ family or friendly and have the money to get the most out of it? Get out of debt. Buy nicer stuff, travel, cars, give to charity, help you friends or family, go out to really nice places and indulge in the finer stuff in life......... Ya, I thought so:) Most of us do but don't know how, right? Yes? I thought so. It's your time is now!

It's very simple and doable when you know what to do. But you must realize that you are running a business, working for your self is still work no mater if you do if full time or part time. So many people think that when they sign up for a home business/ opportunity that their signing up to sit at home or go and play and get some kind of awesome charity and a bunch of money is going to just appear with out them doing any thing! And some scammers will even tell you that. Scammers also like to throe around the word FREE. This is a bad, bad joke! Yes, there is often a free way to do many of them but these take much more work and almost never really make you any money. The truth is that it dose take work and some money to make a big business and lots of money. Any one that has made them selves rich had a passion for it. All those luxuries they enjoy, they earned, yes earned. Trust me, it's totally worth all the work. Remember, you do get to have and enjoy all that you earn because your doing all this work for YOU! Not your boss or some company. You get to have and spend all the profit from all the work you do. It's also important to know that the hardest part is getting your business started, getting your income established. This is true for any business. As it grows bigger and bigger the less work you need to do and the more time you will have to enjoy the profits from all your efforts (MLMs are the best because your building residual income through your down line. They are also the most work).

OK here it is. How to pick a home or internet business. How to advertise/ get customers and down line with out bugging your friends or family (Although you will enjoy proudly showing off your success!) Exactly what you need to know to get rich. Remember the more work you put in to it the more money you can get out of it.

1. First there needs to be a product. I know that sounds really simple but it's important. No gifting scams, no stuffing envelopes or chain letters or any of those scams. You need to have a product, a product that is of value, that solves a problem or situation that people have. Something that is in demand and has an established market, a market that people know about, relate to and need. Your product needs to already be in demand if you want to make money with it right away.

2. You need to get a good profit. Yes, we want to make money. I proffer about $20 + (each sale) profit or about 20% +. You may find a great company that has great products but only gives you around 5, 8, 10% profits, yikes that's nothing! Your in this to make money not do charity work for them! Make sure that it's a good company that you like and really supports you in making big money.

A word about affiliate. These can be very, very good. Make sure that you still use the what I said above and be careful because not all affiliate are trustable! I mean that some will not pay you. I have racked up a lot of profit before and then had the website not pay me!

3. You need to get good targeted traffic to your web site or affiliate site. Search engine are a good way but you will also need to put articles in E Zines and get some back links. These will increase your popularity and give you better search engine placement. I use Google AdWords and I Snare (E-zine) the most. It takes time and effort to get really good traffic to your site. You can perfect your technique with E-books and studying what works best for your site.

4. You need to get a strong down line. Relax, I will show you the best and fastest way to do this. I do not worry about customers because there are always people that you will sign up that will not do what you tell then to do and instead just perches products from you. So how do you get a big down line? Your best tool is high quality leads. High quality leads are acquired by a good lead generating company. Now there are many, many bad lead generating company's out there and you could wast a lot of money, time and effort sorting though them and never find a good one but I have done it for you. Yes, I have found a high quality lead company and I use them very successfully with my Eniva business! Paramount MLM Leads will be the life line of your business! Now these are very high quality leads. There are no incentive offered so that the only reason anyone would put there information in is to ask to get a phone call to find out about starting their very own home business. That's where you come in. That person is waiting for your call! You call them and tell them about your opportunely and see if they want to join your team. This is the fastest, easiest way to build your business. To get the best results call your leads as soon as you can while their interest is at the highest. But no mater what, the most important thing you need to do is CALL THEM! If you mess up, so what. At least you did it and you will get better in time. The most important thing to do is to JUST DO IT!!!
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I hope you use this information it will really help you be successful. For more information and effective resources go to my website for all you need to know to make money fast! Lets Live Better Now.com Making Money .
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