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May 16, 2008
According to the blog trackers at Technorati (a company that indexes and searches blog postings), the number of blogs online is doubling about every five and a half months. That is why so many marketers are seeing bloggs as a great way to reach thier audiences.

Blogging is about creating and publishing content online without the mediation of large technical infrastructures and the limitations of traditional media editorial policies and workflows. Bloggers are emerging as key influencers online. Blogs are of particular interest to industry players like Yahoo because they are a powerful and multiplying form of content online.

A useful component to bloggs are the backlinks that are generated in your signature file. Not only do links provide a de facto endorsement of the content. They also provide a valuable proxy for the readership of repurposed content on other sites. Creating content in a format that can be easily distributed or repurposed can result in an increase in the number of links to any particular site and expand a blogs influence online.

For Corporations, blogs provide a low-cost, low-risk way to communicate their messages and distribute content to brand enthusiasts rather than just consumers. This is how your blogging can lead to help a value content publisher make money online. Value content pays back over time online.

If you write valuable content and share resources that are hard to find. Content that requires time and effort to collect, all the while following all of the core basic steps of a wise publisher, the web will notice you "automatically".

Traffic on sites is made most exclusively by two things: your ability to get others to link to you (which, like in my case, may just be a consequence of what you do) and your ability to make your content easily found by those most in need of it. Beware of recommendations and advice about making money with blogs and content online from those that haven't made any yet.

Today, many blogging sites effectively compete with traditional news sources for breaking stories and eyeballs. In fact, many green bloggers have built a loyal viewership that gives mainstream news sites a run for their money.

Is it true that little or no money is to be made by those trying to build small independent sites on specific topics and content niches. To get traffic to your site you don't need get random passers people that generally post on Bloggs are interested in the bloggs discussion topic.

Credibility, authority and traffic can be established by going out of your personal way to investigate, research, test, and explore new things and reporting in detail your discoveries to others. Blogging is seen by some as a air thier view to the world at large.

Let's not also forget that this is the new frontier and that making money with blogs online is a completely new endevaour without established practices and traditions and where new ways and approaches to monetization are created every single day.
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