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How To Build A Profitable Website For Selling - Part I

May 16, 2008
There are some marketplaces of forums that dedicated to meeting buyers and sellers to buy sell their websites. You can make a high quality website for selling and you are able to find eager buyers. So I am going to step by step to build a profitable website for selling:

1. Settle A Niche Market

First step to be a successful internet marketer in online business is to select profitable niche markets. With lucrative niche products or service, you can earn huge earning through online.

Choosing a lucrative niche market requires an research effort. All you have to do this step is to do researching by going to CNN, Businessweek to read some news or visiting to some discussion groups of Google and Yahoo. With this effort, you will find out what the market is and what people are looking for what their interest is. That information will lead you to find out profitable niche markets to build a new website.

The effective keyword researching will lead you to find out profitable markets to sell products or services on the internet. There are many keyword providing services to help you to generate hot niche keywords on the internet such as Google Adwords, Overture and Wordtracker. Major search engines are great places to sell products or services on the internet. Pay attention to keywords that have a major role in the search engines. By using the keywords and the search engines, you can discover products or services what people are currently looking for.

2. Building A Website

The second step is having a domain and paid web hosting. There are millions of domain names available on worldwide for selling, but how do you choose one of them? Selecting the right domain name is critical because you want to buy a name that is valuable for the earning. The domain name should match with the niche market. And make sure the domain name can be easily founded and reminded by people. The domain name can be up to 67 characters long, but the people that surfing on the internet are likely to type in the shortest domain name.

When considering a paid web hosting, of the most important features you need to pay attention is customer support that available in 24 hours and 7 days. The customer support can helps you to solve some troubles regarding the web hosting. You can complain to customer support if you have web host problem by calling them through phone or chat or email.

The next feature that you will need to pay attention is disc space, bandwidth and operating system. Good web hosting services provide at least 50GB of disc space and at least 500GB of bandwith for around $10. The two types of popular operating system that based on servers are Linux and Windows. I suggest you to choose the Linux because the Linux are more flexible and open sourced.

After choosing the domain and the web hosting, you may create a blog or a forum or ecommerce site with content that related tot the niche market you selected.
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