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How To Make Money Online Selling Information

May 16, 2008
One of the great things about making money online is the simple fact that once it's set up, the system of order taking and order fulfillment is pretty much automated. Follow with me these few short steps:
Ad placement
Lead generation
Auto responder to promote product
Auto responder to deliver product
Rinse and Repeat

This very simple system can produce for you 100's to 1000's of leads if you cast a wide enough net to capture as many people as possible. Building a large mailing is essential in online marketing if you want to make money online selling. They say about 40% of sales come from the follow up on the list.

It all starts with setting up a domain name and hosting account. Think of a domain name to start your online business. You can use your own name or something you fell is memorable. Here are a few ideas:

There are several domain name companies out there but I use ones that give very cheap rates and volume discounts. Using key words in your domain name is important so think of what you will be selling online. If you selling body jewelry online, those could be good keywords to use in your domain name. You can research keywords with online keyword software like hex tracker and other free tools.

Ad placement is pretty easy if you place your ads in free or paid advertisements like ezines, websites and other online resources. Always test and re-test ads to make sure to get the best conversion rates. Have the ads lead your prospects to landing pages that collect their information. This is a leaky bucket and you will lose some prospects along the way. A reassurance like company privacy policy needs to be displayed where customers can see them. Best to have them open in their own window not to distract from the sale order.

Lead generation is the processes of having your auto responder collect your leads and sending them automated messages containing your sales pitch. Your auto responder becomes your companies?automated salesman and it works day and night delivering you sales message to your hungry customers. Once programmed, it does most of the online product promotion for you.

Your auto responder will also deliver your product for you like an automated message with a hyperlink of your download product link. It can also move your prospect from a prospect list to a customer list. From there it can offer support links and email address and even phone numbers or chat ids.

In summary, setting up an online business can be very challenging for a starting newbie. There are many systems that take some time to get the hang of. You have a small starting investment but it requires a lot of time. Once you get going there is no better feeling of getting your first automated sale. There is plenty of room in the market for people who would like to make money selling information online.
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