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Home Business Opportunity Scams

May 16, 2008
Starting a home business is an appealing idea. Earning some extra money for a bit of work is an honest exchange that has the possibility of turning into a lucrative endeavor. Everyone wants to be their own boss and be able to work as they see fit.

Unfortunately, many so called home business opportunities are actually just opportunities to be swindled. There are so many offers out there, and many of them are legitimate. But still more of them are people trying to take your money for little or nothing in return.

There is no sure way to keep yourself safe. Anyone can get taken. But there are some things you can do to make it less likely that you will become a victim. If you're going to protect yourself, you need to know what to look for and how to spot the warning signs.

The most popular sort of scam is the one that promises you the secret to riches and success, if you just front them a little money. It might be for training, or product, but it is always a bad sign. There are legitimate business that require start up capital, but they will provide you with information and tell you exactly what you are getting before asking for money.

If you bought a fast food franchise, for example, you'd have to pay the corporation for the privilege of benefiting from their national ad campaigns and good name. That's not a scam, that's just good business because they tell you what you'll be doing before you do it.

There are some home business scams that actually do pay you something, but not nearly enough. You've probably seen ads that promise you thousands for stuffing envelopes or just sitting in front of your computer reading email. In reality, you would have to put in hundreds or thousands of hours in order to make anywhere near what they are promising.

So, before you get into any business venture, find out exactly what you are being asked to do, and work out how much time you will have to put in so that you can make your goal amount. Make sure that you aren't working below minimum wage, or even at minimum wage for that matter. Minimum wage isn't worth going into business for.

Last, don't simply go looking for the websites that promise you riches. If you go looking for ways to make an easy buck and end up scamming someone else, you open yourself to all kinds of home business opportunity scams. The easy and obvious deals need to be checked out before you pounce because they may simply be a trap for other scammers.
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