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The Vast Benefits Of Online Shopping

May 16, 2008
Online shopping is a phenomenon which has taken the world by storm. Only thirty years ago, if you wanted to purchase a product, it was necessary to get in the car, drive to a store, and spend half an hour or so looking for what you want. Now, in the twenty-first century, you can buy nearly anything you want from the comfort of your own home.

Brick and mortar businesses will always be popular, but e-commerce is a huge industry and growing at an amazing rate. The technology first became available in 1991, although it was not until years later that online shopping began to gain momentum. As the years went on, more and more people began to trust the Internet and the businesses on it. Currently, tens of billions of dollars worth of transactions are conducted online every month, with a large percentage of those transactions being business to business.

Price is one of the key advantages of shopping online. Most Internet users nowadays have a DSL or cable Internet connection, enabling them to browse websites at a high speed. This means that it is easy to shop around, and check out various websites to see which one has the lowest price. If one puts enough time into it, it is possible to find a product at half the cost than in a traditional store.

Often, shopping online can be somewhat time consuming. However, the majority of people enjoy buying products online; some even consider it a pastime. When people find an activity they enjoy, they rarely refer to that activity as time consuming. Therefore, online shopping is not only a productive event, but a fun one as well.

Arguably, the most attractive benefit is convenience. It is incredibly easy and quick to make purchases online. All you have to do is find what you want, enter your shipping information, and pay. It does not matter what you are wearing, what time it is, who you are with, what day it is, or the weather outside (unless it takes down your connection). When shopping online, you have complete control and freedom to buy what you want when you want.

Initially, Ecommerce was relatively insecure. There were not as many security protocols, it was easier to get scammed, and it was hard to know who to trust. Thankfully, things are different now. There are a variety of encryption technologies available, which protect vital information from being stolen in transit. In addition, many companies offer Secure Socket Layer certificates and trust marks to remove any consumer doubts about the authenticity of a website. Careful shoppers can easily distinguish between fraudulent and legitimate websites with the resources currently available.

Ecommerce has enabled common citizens to not only buy products online, but sell them too. Auction sites like eBay let anybody list products, in exchange for a small fee. The reality that anybody can sell anything online has contributed to the huge success of online shopping. Many people can actually make a living selling things on eBay, without even having a website of their own.

What does the future hold for Ecommerce? Statistics predict that it will keep growing at an exponential rate, as more people become computer literate and more businesses expand their online campaigns. It is quite possible that in a few years, online businesses will outnumber brick and mortar businesses.
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