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May 16, 2008
Today, we're going to discuss the type of content that is suitable for your blog in order to make it profitable as you build your home internet business. First off, I want you to understand that there is no fixed scope that your blog should have, which means you can write about whatever you're interested in; I certainly do.

However, the difference between a profitable blog and a non-profitable blog is the way the blog is written. Just imagine, would you prefer to read your college professor's lecture notes or the latest novel by your favorite author?

You may prefer to read the novel because it appeals more to your interest, or because it is not as mind-numbing as the lecture notes by your professor. However, the most important point is people like to read "light" stuff most of the time. You see, when people log on to your blog, they are not only looking for information - they are also looking for information they can obtain easily, and better still in a relaxed manner. Keep it brief and to the point, think "brevity" and have respect your reader's time investment.

So, to attract more visitors as well as to keep your current visitors coming back for more, it is very important to add a human touch to your blog posts. This can be done by simply imagining you're talking about a certain topic with your personal friend. Simply keep it conversational so your personality can shine through. Write in a manner that if your mother read your post she'd say, "Yup, my son Kirk wrote that, I can tell because he writes the way he talks."

Another important key point is to avoid addressing your reader as a plural unit. What I really mean is you should not write as if you're preparing a speech. Sorry, but I can't over emphasize this point enough; write as if you're having a conversation to a single person because this will make your visitor think of you more as a personal friend rather than a person of higher authority.

An extra bonus for your readers would be a great sense of humor, so try (if you are comfortable) to add humorous comments in your writing where suitable. But don't go overboard on the humor, you're really trying to build your home internet business, not try out as a writer for MAD magazine.

Besides that, it is also very useful to establish your own personality through your words. Human beings are very curious creatures, so naturally your visitors would want to know as much about you as the information you're offering them. As you get to know me through my blog posts and articles, you'll start to identify my style and personality. There are a whole load of words and phrases that I use daily when speaking that make their way into my writing, email, articles, and blog posts. It's just part of who I am and blogging is an easy way to let it show without having an editor standing over my shoulder.

You see, having a distinctive personality to your home internet business (in your blog posts, articles, email) can make a world of difference between your blog about say.. hamburgers (for example)...and all the other blogs about hamburgers out there. (I like my cheeseburger "animal style", can you guess my favorite burger restaurant?) This is a lot like creating your own brand name, where people immediately remember your blog's name when they need to find out information about a particular subject, just like how people immediately think of McDonald's for fast food or Nike for sportswear. I'll be writing about creating personal brands in the near future too.

So, the lesson for today is to simply write as an equal friend to your visitors. Write to them as if you're talking to a single person and establish your own personality on your blog.
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Kirk Bennett is a Silicon Valley sales and marketing executive and leader. He has developed a series of systems leveraging automation and outsourcing for internet marketers. Start a home internet business today! Check out his site at http://www.YourOpportunityForWealth.com
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