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A Review Of The Agel Income Opportunity

May 17, 2008
Glen Jensen had a brilliant idea in the year of 2004, and it was not long afterwards that Agel was born. Glen was a true visionary and had over eighteen years worth of network marketing experience under his belt. He worked his way all the way up the ranks from customer service, on to international sales and then to the executive suite. Glen always turned new strategies and concepts over in his mind and always found a better way to do things.

Glen Jensen then came up with the concept of gel. He began thinking that athletes use gels to pound carbs right before a race or a competition. What if nutritional supplements could be packed inside of gel? Thus, the Suspension Gel Technology was launched and Agel came into being.

Agel has committed itself to use every new system in order to develop, produce and finally distribute gel technologies. Agel combines this with a network marketing opportunity that is next to none.

Innovative Comp Plan

The Agel founders designed their compensation plan taking the best of elements from a variety of different plans, and then Agel added its own innovative new twists. The end result is what is called the Quadra-Plan which is a very unique approach which pushes way beyond the best plans from years gone by. This is just about the most lucrative plan that has ever been developed.

The Agel Comp Plan provides a wide range of special benefits for those who achieve certain performance levels. Some of these perks include, travel award funds, matching bonuses, expense allowances, team volume commissions, and if that is not enough, Agel even offers a luxury car fund which can be as much as thousands of dollars a month!

Agel will pay you an instant $35 if you happen to bring someone into the company at the 'Personal Pack' level, and you will receive an instant $200 if you get someone to go in at the 'Executive Pack' level.

To put it simply, this is how it works with Agel Enterprises. If you want to earn $2000 a month, you will need to have about 450 people to make up your team volume. Impossible? No, but you must realize that a very high percentage of people fail in network marketing because sponsoring people into a program is sometimes as hard as pulling eye teeth!

Agel is certainly not a scam but it seems that some distributors have become discouraged and left the ranks. Just do a Google search. It is no secret that most network marketing companies will market that you are able to make 'unlimited income' with them. Agel is no exception to that rule. People have joined network marketing companies thinking that this is the one that will finally make all of their financial dreams come true. Again, Agel is no exception to this rule.

In summary, then, Agel Enterprises is able to offer a unique presentation for its products. I think it would be more beneficial to you if you sought to find something that offered an instant commission based system rather than what traditional network marketing companies have to offer.
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