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A Review Of The Actis Income Opportunity

May 17, 2008
Actis is a company, based in Carlsbad, CA that specializes in wellness products such as nutrition and whole body wellness. One of Actis companies is Biopro, which specializes in a technology that is like none other. In only 18 months, Biopro Technology has expanded into 6 countries. They started with only the one Bioenergetics' product and now have a line of products in three unique categories.

Actis specializes in the Biopro technology. The company has done research regarding the use of cell phones and the affect on the public. Their research has revealed that there is pollution caused by the use of cell phones and it is called Electropollution. They claim this is linked to headaches, to sleeping problems and even cancer.

Electropollution is emitted by electronic devices in the form of electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. They say that there are many experts that are being alerted to this danger due to the rise in use of these devices. They are concerned that there is so many children are using them and say that they are at risk in their health.

Actis has come up with the Biopro technology that has two technologies with a patent that counteracts the harmful effects that electropollution is causing. This technology is a Biopro Cell Chip. It is designed to be used on cell phones, PDA's or Bluetooth headsets. They have made it affordable and convenient to use.

They also have the Actis Biopro Universal Chip. This is also dual actioned to strengthen the resilience to stress effects. It helps to relieve the stress that we deal with in today's electronic age.
Actis Biopro also has a water system that is designed to filter your water of the toxins from these pollutions in our atmosphere.

Actis has a business opportunity that gives you the opportunity to sell these products and achieve the lifestyle of your choice. Because everyone is looking for good health and to be happy and financially secure, you will be able to share this business and not only help them to achieve these goals, but drastically increase your health and wealth.

Working with Actis Biopro, you will be an independent consultant, but with the help of the company. They will provide you with the tools and the training so you can create leverage and create momentum in your business. You will have the marketing materials and they will have conference calls for you along with training seminars.

You will receive a product discount of 20-30% which is your profit margin. You will have rebates on your purchases. When you build your downline, you will receive commissions on your business volume. There are contests to win a trip to an exotic vacation. You will own a personalized e-commerce Web site and your own email. There will be a virtual office where you log in and can see how your business is doing.

They offer two ways to becoming a consultant. To be a Biopro consultant will be a signup fee of $49.95 and the second is to sign up as Biopro Manager. To become a manager there is a purchase of $2,000. This company is ready to take you to the top.
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