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A Review Of The 4life Research Income Opportunity

May 17, 2008
The 4life research income opportunity is one based on purchasing. Basically, this means that you are required to bring in a certain amount every month in order to qualify not only for income but for benefits. While there are over 75 products in the line up that, you can sell. The product is nutritional based making it difficult to market.

The company's products are based on the transfer factor, which apparently was the factor that transferred immunity from one person to another on order to give another person immunity to a particular disease. This is the same thing that happens between mothers and their children during breast-feeding. The mother's immunity is passed on to the child. This is named the T factor and is the main component of the company's product; they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

The guarantee is a little short; on average, it takes more than 30 days for a product to cycle through the body and build up enough to start showing a decent effect. This means that you do not really get to see what the product can do for you before you would have to return it. This again makes the product a little difficult to sell. Direct sale involved recruiting and network marketing brings up the majority of the business practices. This means you would be required to purchase products, sell products and recruit new members in order to maintain your status within the opportunity.

4life research products do have some clinical studies but not done within the US so the product is not FDA approved. It was reviewed by studies in Russia. The disclaimer on the site does mention that the Testimonies are based on Placebo effects, which means that results may have happened because the people believed they should happen. The disclaimer also states how little the product can actually make you and that few people see large income results as well as mentioning that investments are necessary in order to use the network marketing system.

Because the product deals in direct sales it means you do need to keep an inventory to sell and may require you going out and directly selling in a manner similar to door to door even with internet marketing. The product is unique but it basically is used to boost the immune system making it difficult to test on a home use without trying it for several months, this would take you outside the guarantee. Between the lacks of qualified research, the statements of testimonials based on placebo effects and the lack of a long enough guarantee making a decent living with even a large amount of work and effort seems difficult.

There is also no mention of 4life research providing training and while they do mention a full time support staff they do not mention what it is for. It is possible it is simply to take 4life research orders or to handle customer service of customers.
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