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Top 7 Ways To Make Money From Your Mailing List

May 17, 2008
If you are serious about making money online then you simply must understand that you need to build an optin list. It really can make all the difference between you succeeding and failing with your home based business. It doesn't matter what you do online, you must build your mailing list.

Having your own list allows you to email your customers and prospects once they have subscribed to your newsletter via your website. You can keep them updated on any changes or additions to your website or company.

The best thing though is that because these people visited your website and opted in to receive your emails, you will never have to worry about any spam complaints, and that is a huge benefit. You can communicate and send them all your offers and sell them products they are interested in buying.

Providing you give your subscribers high quality content and information they are interested in, they will look forward to receiving your emails. This is when you can begin to sell them products and start to create an income. It is also likely they will refer other people to your website and tell them how good your content is.

Once you have your list you are not limited to just selling them your products. In fact below you will find 7 Top ways to make money from your mailing list. Remember the more subscribers you have, the more money you will eventually make.

1 - You can begin selling advertisement space on your website. You will need to generate a lot of traffic for this, but once it builds up you can have space for banners or text ads on your website. You could also have a space inside your emails or newsletters you send out. Lots of companies are interested in purchasing these types of ads providing your list is of a good size.

2 - You can join forces with similar websites to your own. By using P4P on your website a company will pay you for generating a lead or prospect for them. A simple piece of code or a short text ad will work this well for you.

3 - You could contact other businesses and ask for a small commission from any sales you make to your list for their product or service. Once your list trusts you, you can run regular ads for other businesses and make extra money this way.

4 - You can act as the middleman for larger companies. You can sell their products and people pay you. All you then do is simply go to the larger company and purchase the product and forward it on. Make sure you have a good profit margin when trying this method.

5 - You can make your own products or reports and sell them to your subscribers. People will pay money for information to gain the knowledge they need to improve their lives and make them simpler. Again, providing you have formed trust with your subscribers this can generate a lot of income for you.

6 - Tell your subscribers to refer their friends to your newsletter or website. You can offer an incentive to them for doing this like giving them a free book or product for referring a certain number of people to your newsletter.

7 - Contact your subscribers and offer to a Joint Venture with them. Many of them will also have mailing lists and by doing a Joint Venture with them, you can reach many more people and make a lot more money. It is also an idea to contact other list owners when thinking about doing Joint Ventures.

Keep your list fresh and updated and constantly work to build it and increase your subscriber count. It will become the heart of your home business so look after your subscribers well.
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