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Top Online Businesses Models You Should Know

May 17, 2008
Before you embark on a virtual moneymaking journey, it would definitely have crossed your mind what are the kinds of online businesses models that are available for you to choose from. Seriously, if look closely into the Web, there are a few dozens of types of business models ready for you to pick. Here are some top online businesses models you should know of. It will help you to have a better idea on which are the more popular business options up to this day.

#1 The catalog product model

Basically, you can use the catalog product model if you are planning to sell a variety of related products, that you think can be marketed using the same Site. For example, you might want to sell products like oil paintings, but you have different themes of paintings. With this, you can use the catalog product model. Another example would be a pet supplies website. You can choose to market different types of pet supplies just by using 1 websites. These items that you are selling must be related in one way or the other. Web visitors love varieties, and it would increase the chances of them buying your products.

Try to avoid 'garage' sale kind of websites whereby you included a little bit of everything into your website. It might look a little bit messy and web visitors might get lost when the try to search for the product that they want. However, you can choose to adopt this business model by using another person's website which has already have a constant flow of traffic.

#2 The advertising model

This is one of the more popular business models up to date. If you had a taste of the advertising world, than this should not be a problem for you. In fact, you would fit right in. Online sales techniques are just as similar as offline, but the big plus point about online advertising is that it allows you to include your advertisement almost everywhere in the Web and it makes it easier for you to follow up with your potential buyers and customers. However, be prepared to work hard here. The online advertising scene is a no joke. You need to put in constant effort and follow up everyone with your latest products.

You can use sites that are meant for advertising purposes like PPC (Pay-per-click), which allows you to have a small text space to promote your product. Also, not all of these come for free. You need to set a side a sum of money if you really think that you are going for the advertising model.

There are endless ways for you to promote your product. You just need to know certain tips and tricks around it so that you can maximize your advertising opportunities through the virtual world.

If you have started online business way before everyone else and find that you want to take a leap from where your business is now, then you can also consider combining these 2 business models. However, you will definitely end up needing more hands to support your business. So, you might want to consider hiring new employees.
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