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How Internet Business Can Generate Instant Cash For Newbies

May 17, 2008
In this article I will share with you the list of affiliate program features, which gives you as a new marketer the full benefits.

1.A Good Conversion Rate Brings Enthusiasm.
I have ran tens and tens of promising affiliate programs and by several attempts have found out the successful ones. I have also studied the common features of the best and worst ones.

One very typical benefit, which a newbie loves is a good conversion rate, because the starters traffic is so modest. To maintain the motivation, he needs sales every now and then.

The conversion rate comes from two factors: 1. with a trendy product and 2. with a well tested page.

2.To Get Instant Cash Newbie, Needs A Pre Loaded Website.
It is just too much required if the newbie should build his website by himself, because he just cannot have the skills for that.

That is the merchants job. The website, which is the heart of the business, must be split tested and equipped with several top converting affiliate programs. Now the starter can start to drive traffic to the site, which he has received from the merchant and when the site converts well and is trendy, he will get nice results very soon.

When one new affiliate gets good experience of the site, the word starts to spread. This is absolutely the best possible advertising. The internet business forums are for this reason good sources of tips concerning good affiliate programs. For a newbie it is important, that the site is planned by top designers and programmers and will maximize the sales.

3.The Commission Must Be Around $ 35 Per Sale.
The truth is that a newbie will sell high commission product with the same effort than a low commission product. So why bother with a low commission ones? Now when the merchant offers a plan, where the newbie can earn from many income sources or affiliate programs, that will multiply the affiliate income. And the products will sell if they all are at the top of the best seller list.

4. A Program Must Be Simple.
Only simple programs sell well. This is the plain truth. It is also very practical when the system is simple, because normally affiliates have several programs, so they do not have so much time to take lessons and to learn hundreds of details.

The simplicity is most often the sign of the fact that the program is well tested and all useless elements have been thrown away.

5. Upline Mentoring.
Many affiliate programs offer a free training and ebooks but nothing beats a free, experienced mentor, who is willing to give tips in real time and to correct, if necessary, the errors. And as a last words: check that the program has a guarantee and you can get your money back within 30 days, if you will.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. I Have Tested Tens And Tens Of Affiliate Programs And Can Recommend This As A Best One: Instant Cash Four Newbies
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