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Promoting Expensive High Ticket Affiliate Products

May 17, 2008
There are endless different products you can promote as an affiliate marketer. You can promote products costing a few dollars that pay you small commissions per sale, or you can promote high end expensive products which pay much larger amounts per sale, so should you concentrate on just promoting these high ticket items?

Well if you're a person new to affiliate marketing and are still learning all the necessary skills such as how to make websites, drive traffic to your website, build a list, etc, then you should simply aim to get some sales under your belt. Therefore it's best in this situation to concentrate on promoting quality products in the lower price range because once you start seeing some sales roll in, you know you are on the right track.

Once you have some experience of selling a number of products as an affiliate, you can move on to the next step - promoting high ticket products. This will dramatically boost your income if you do it correctly because in certain niches conversion rates for these top end products can be on a par with those of lower end products. In other words you will earn far more commissions for the same amount of effort.

The key to success lies with your methods of promotion. Placing random banners on your website or blog, or sending untargeted traffic to your affiliate links is unlikely to result in high conversions. Much more effective promotional methods include pre-selling through your email list, offering a bonus to people who buy through your affiliate link, and offering a personal review of the product you're promoting.

So don't be put off from promoting expensive products because you think that you are unlikely to make many sales due to the high price. You will often find that you can achieve excellent conversions for even the most expensive products, providing the product itself is of the highest quality of course.

You can also make a lot more money from even a modest conversion rate than you would promoting popular low-end products. For example let's say you send 100 visitors to two different products. One costs $30 and pays $15 per sale, and one costs $400 and pays $150 per sale.

If you were to achieve an excellent conversion rate of 10% on the cheaper product, this would equate to 10 sales and $150 in commissions. You would need just 1 sale out of the 100 people you referred to the other product's sales page, ie 1%, to make the same amount of commission. Furthermore a conversion rate of 1.5% would result in an extra $75, and a 2% success rate would equate to $300 in sales - an extra $150.

These are exaggerated figures as well. A conversion rate of 10% is much higher than most people achieve, so the reality is that the difference in the amount of commission you make from promoting both items is actually far greater in most cases. So hopefully you can see why promoting expensive products is much more lucrative than making lots of sales of less expensive items.
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