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International Auto Transport I want To Learn More

May 17, 2008
International auto transport is a high volume and high demand business with many career opportunities. A wide variety of businesses exploit this market, varying from corporate shippers who manage fleets of massive roll on, roll off ships that carry a few thousand cars each, to the small family operated ferries that carry at most a few dozen.

International auto transport also depends on and benefits a number of other ventures, such as docks, domestic shippers and commercial warehouses. International marine trade generates $200 billion USD in income, just in transport fees alone.

All of these businesses need skilled, energetic employees and a number of lucrative professions offer a great opportunity for those looking to enter this market. Due to its volume of business, international auto transport consistently has a large number of job openings and often offers incentives to potential employees.

Holding a profession in international auto transport requires the ability to work in a high paced, competitive environment. Auto manufacturers depend on the companies and workers providing international shipping service to deliver their product promptly, safely and professionally to their dealerships and warehouses throughout the world.

Small businesses, resellers and private individuals all demand the same level of service when they use an internal vehicle shipping service in the course of normal business and travel, or when relocating overseas. Seeking a career in this field is accordingly demanding, but it is also lucrative and rewarding.

Professions available in international auto transport include heavy machinery operation, accounting, seamanship, and many more. Some careers may require a college degree and/or previous experience, so you should make sure you have the education and work history needed.

Other careers offer on-the-job training and/or depend on internal advancement. For example, if you are looking towards professions such as warehouse manager or ship operations director without prior experience in those careers, your best opportunity to secure that job is to work your way up through the ranks.

Seamanship is a wonderful career opportunity, with over one and a quarter million men and women working at sea. There are a vast number of careers available and the work is always challenging and varied.

Navigation, management, engineering and leadership talents, as well as simple hardworking labor, all ensure the smooth working order of the industry.

A profession in international shipping can provide an exciting life with good benefits and high pay for the right person. If you are seeking a career in international freight, you may wish to contact your national maritime organization or your local dockworkers and transportation unions.

They can provide information and literature about the market and your professional choices. Also, check with your local state or provincial government to see what licensed professions and training certificates they may offer to help improve your hiring chances.
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