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Brainstorm Ideas That Will Set Your Business Apart From The Crowd

May 17, 2008
Whether you own a mature business or are just starting up, brainstorming sessions need to be a regular happening in your business model.

Not too many years ago, brainstorming was only being done in advertising agencies in major cities. Not any longer. Brainstorming has become a must for ALL businesses.

Customer attitudes are changing before our very eyes. The Internet has seen to that. Whether small business owners and business professionals like it or not, agree with it or not, adapting to change quickly and effectively is necessary for the survival of almost any business.

The rules of business have changed and will continue to change rapidly. Stuff that worked through the years is often viewed as out of step by prospects and consumers today. Many tried and true messages fall on deaf ears or are ignored by turning the page.

Independent merchants and business professionals are scrambling and clamoring for advertising results and way too often are left scratching their heads as to why they are not getting the results they used to get.

So where does brainstorming figure in this equation?

Here is the deal: you need to throw a green light party that involves your staff, family, close friends and when possible, customers. No red lights (negative thinking!) allowed.

Jot down every suggestion and idea no matter how far-fetched it may seem that your brain trust throws out. Spur of the moment inspirations and ideas are welcome. Let it all hang out.

What you are looking to do is to clearly define what your business can adapt or can do more of to set you apart from your competition. Here are some examples:

o Phone every customer after a sale.
o Start counting out change.
o Be sure our restrooms are always squeaky clean
o Do what we need to do to make our intercom
static free.
o Answer our telephone by the 3rd ring.
o Remove all signs that state what we DO NOT do
for customers.
o Initiate some kind of dress code that sets our
employees apart.
o Install background music that is appropriate
for our customers NOT what our employees like
o When our customers have to wait, make their
stay enjoyable and comfortable.

As you can see, these ideas do not have to be
earth-shaking or expensive to implement.

Do not bite off more than you can chew. DO be 100% certain that you and every member of your team can and do deliver every time. Not just when the boss is present. Every single time, every single transaction.

If you demonstrate that it is important to you, it will become important to your staff but only if you persist. Just posting signs and motivational posters has almost zero effect. Lead by example.

Tell the world where you stand and what you do and how you do it. Tell and tell until you are literally sick of telling. Change your marketing strategy when it needs to be changed . . . not when you decide to change . . . only when your target market says it is time.

Stay in the stirrups of your niche horse as long as it is coming in win, place or show. When your niche starts fading, be ready to change mounts. The winds of change are blowing and you must be tuned in
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