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4 Reasons Why Having Your Name As Your Domain Can Change Your Life

May 17, 2008
Many of us find ourselves stuck in dead-end jobs, with constantly mounting bills, and faced with ever increasing expenses. And as we struggle through the mounting stresses and pressures of our work, family, friends and finances, we see our dreams of a peaceful, relaxed and comfortable life slowly fading away.

So we constantly keep on the look out for new ways to change our lives for the better - to improve our finances, to meet more business and personal contacts and to give ourselves more confidence. If the above sounds anything like you, then you will be very glad to hear that there is a new way that you can take charge and enhance your life - and it's a whole lot simpler and easier that you may think.

Getting your own domain - that is your own name - is a great way to spice things up and it comes full of great advantages that are bound to improve your life significantly.

1. Enjoy A Boost In Confidence
With your own domain, you'll suddenly feel like a mini celebrity! After all, how many people do you know that have their own names as domains? You can consider adding the website to your name card as well as getting everyone to communicate with you at your own personalized e-mail address.

You'll wow everyone and fill friends, family and colleagues with envy with news of your own domain. Your personal domain will be a great motivator and confidence booster for you, and when it comes to changing your life for the better, nothing beats a good dose of confidence!

2. You're Open To Many New Opportunities!
You probably won't fully appreciate the great opportunities that a domain can give you until you already have one. It provides a way for people from all over the world to find you and learn about you (the way you want them to, of course, and not in the creeper stalker way) - and when so many people have access to you and your expertise, you will never know when wonderful opportunities will come a-knocking!

Even if you are just an employee and don't have your own business, having your own domain will certainly impress any prospective employer reading your resume and by standing out in a crowd, your chances of getting hired will shoot through the roof!

3. You Meet New People And Make Lots More Contacts
Nowadays, the more people you know and the more connected you are, the greater your chances of success. Having your own domain and website gives you the opportunity to meet a huge number of people around the world as they visit and read your blog.

And the more people that know you and like you, yet again, the more opportunities will be opened up to you. A great new job offer, a chance business encounter, a joint venture - you just never know what will happen or who you may meet. The important thing is you are creating an opportunity for your life to be improved!

4. You Can Earn Extra Money
Another great advantage of owning your own domain and website is that you'll discover a whole load of ways in which you can make money. If your blog has a lot of visitors, you can start advertising to earn some spare income.

Or if you can provide expert advice, you can sell it for a monthly fee and provide the advice and information via e-mail. Many individuals have set up businesses with their own names as domains and as you, too, foray online with your own domain, you'll find the money making options are endless!

It only depends on whether or not you are ready for your life to be changed, for the better.
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