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Creating A Showcase For Your Place

May 17, 2008
Your vision is the primary message for your small business. The thoughts, insights, and aspirations you have for your business paint the picture of your organization that you want the world to see. The methods for spreading this message are numerous and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. But one way to showcase your business with the entire scope of its talent, ability, function, and vitality is to spread the word through article marketing.

The Internet has allowed entrepreneurs to present the totality of their businesses with an articulate and comprehensive voice. No one knows better than you the unique qualities of your organization but making sure that the rest of the world shares what you know is often a challenge.

The traditional world of advertising is very effective and has long been the main stay of promoting a business. The media survives by the need for businesses to spread their name and their talents through electronic and print venues.

But for a small business just starting out this option may involve more investment than is possible and these venues do limit the geographic reach of your voice. But, through article marketing, a company can showcase their business with nearly unlimited clarity and virtually unlimited reach.

Where trade journals used to allow like minded entrepreneurs to communicate and share information, Internet article directories now serve that function. The ability to market your business through articles that are posted on the Internet in specific categories that are user friendly has become a boon to new businesses.

These articles are not at all like the traditional advertising that only promoted one segment of an industry. Articles establish your credibility and authority in your chosen field and provide a direction for interested consumers to find you.

The things your company does everyday with excellence establish you as a provider in your field. But, as we all know, there are a lot of providers and one way to distinguish yourself is to share the knowledge and expertise that you infuse your small business with everyday. We often take for granted the skill and ability it takes to do our jobs and we question, "Am I really an expert?" If you have a business that provides effective services, meets the needs of its clients, and is competitive in your industry the answer is, "Yes, you are an expert!"

Try making a list of all the functions you perform each day and pair those functions with the background and information it takes to perform each function and you will see the depth of your expertise.

Writing articles that explore the facets of your industry illustrates your knowledge in that field. True, not everyone is a skilled writer. But there are many resources open to small businesses to outsource this function and translate your vision and mission into articles that educate and inform your peers and customers alike.

Don't let your lack of writing expertise prevent you from demonstrating the things you are an expert at. A typical accountant may be more comfortable with numbers rather than words but they might have insight into ways to track depreciation more easily for the average small company. They are a depreciation expert but they are not a communications expert. That should not prevent that accountant from showcasing their insight when skilled professionals exist who can communicate for him or her.

The key is to focus on what you are best at and contract for the things in which you are weaker. Remember, an architect does not build their own buildings. They design, draw, plan, and create the vision for incredible structures, but they don't pour the cement. Because they can't pound a nail doesn't mean that the buildings they create are any less their vision and creation. The important thing is that the buildings get built and that you get your unique insights into your industry reach a public eager to learn from you and be inspired by you.
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