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5 Reasons Why Your Name Could Be The Simplest And Easiest Internet Business Ever

May 17, 2008
We all have at some point dreamed of being our own boss and running our own business. Being able to make our own decisions, taking full credit for our work and, of course, making more money are just some of the main reasons we would all quickly scurry to hand in our resignation letters given the right opportunity.

But it is the opportunity that evades most of us. Let's face it, no one is going to walk up to you in the street and say 'Hey, I've got a great product to sell. You want to start a business?' The truth is we simply don't know what kind of business to start, what product to sell, how to start it, how to make money and the many other what's, how's and why's that go hand in hand with starting a business.

And another sad truth is that normal businesses often do require a lot of money and capital to start up. Unfortunately, this severely cuts down the number of people who have the cash to start a new business. Fortunately, the same fact doesn't apply to online businesses. Internet businesses are a lot easier and cheaper to start and many people have taken advantage of this fact to start up businesses using nothing but their own name.

Take for example the eponymous domains at the OMNICITI website. All these individuals have used their name to great effect, setting up blogs and websites to sells themselves and their skills. And if they can do it, why can't you?

That's right - get a domain that is your own name and it could very well be the easiest and simplest Internet business you could ever start! Here's why:

1. Your Domain And Website Is Easily Set Up
Many people balk at the idea of starting a new business because of the time and effort it take simply to get it off and running. This couldn't be further from the truth online. All you would need to do is fill in a form and your domain and blog can be set up in just 3 days! Yup - in three days you would have your brand new business up and ready to go.

2. It's Something You Would Have Passion For
By using your own name as the domain, you can be sure that it is a business that you would be passionate about. After all, it's your name on the line! And by choosing a topic or theme that you have passion for and relates to you, you ensure that your business is not a short term venture. After all, if you love fly fishing, you'll love it for life and can easily start a blog that is related to it and maintain it for a long time.

3. It's Cheap To Start And Maintain
A domain costs as low as $10 or less per year and hosting costs are about $10 a month - which means that for about the cost of one dinner meal every month, you can essentially run your entire business. After all, the only other thing you will really need to maintain your website is a computer and an Internet connection, things you probably already have and pay for. Your business is cheap to start - and cheap to maintain too. This means ANYONE can start it and maintain it for a long time to come, all the while profiting from it.

4. It's Easy To Run
Not only is having your own domain and blog cheap - it's also easy to maintain too. All you need is to spend an hour or so a day creating a blog post or writing about something for your readers to check out. The great thing about this is that it doesn't affect your full-time job. You don't need to QUIT your job to start a new business.

Of course, if your domain does start making enough money for you to quit, then by all means, tender your resignation. But not having to make an 'either-or' decision cuts down on any financial risks you may have to make.

5. The Money Making Opportunities Are Endless
And finally, and perhaps most importantly, the options for you to make money are endless. You can sell a product of your own on your website. You can sell someone else's product in return for commission. You can provide information for money. You can earn from advertising.

The list goes on and on. Your only limit to earning money from the Simplest and Easiest Internet Business ever is your imagination - and all it takes to start is your name.
About the Author
Sen Ze and his 1-of-a-kind sites at http://www.SenZe.com (where else?) and http://www.SOLOBIS.com help you make money online in ways you've never known. Try this easy Internet business and see how you can get started as an Internet Entrepreneur within days, selling a unique product that everybody wants, on auto-pilot!
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