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How To Make Money On The Internet With Your Brick And Mortar Business No. 1

May 18, 2008
A brick and mortar business is a term used mainly on the Internet to differentiate between companies that are based solely online and those that have a real-world location.

A brick and mortar business has a commercial address "made of brick and mortar" where customers can transact face-to-face. And the company might also have an online presence.

It is necessary to point out the differences between an Internet business and an online brick and mortar business before you decide which one would work best for you.

The Internet business doesn't require much capital output, commercial space rentals, furniture, employees and benefits, established hours of operation at a fixed physical location.

The profit generated from an Internet business is always higher in terms of return on assets and because they do not have to spend a lot of money to start and operate their business at a particular location, but it's...on going!

Internet business owners can operate and monitor their business at home or while going on vacation and make money at the same time. They believe the brick and mortar type of businesses are outdated.

So why would people try to make money on the Internet with a brick and mortar business? Some of these types of e-commerce, home businesses, and mail order business are best served by, or ever require a hands-on base of operations to provide their services.

For example, an auto repair, healthcare, beauty shop and many other companies benefit from augmenting this model with an online presence. But prior to the Internet, these companies were pretty much stranded.

The word "security" goes a long ways with many people who still enjoy dealing with a store having a physical storefront and with a customer service center. There will be many, many years where people will still demand to talk with a responsible manager.

The largest segments of all populations were raised with this model and there is money to be made on the Internet with our own brand of brick and mortar store front, even when shopping online.

Now virtual storefronts have opened a new world of opportunities for businessmen and women with big ideas but little capital. Entrepreneurs are learning to combine virtual online storefronts by offering turnkey business solutions with nearly zero investment.

Our advice to make money with your new brick and mortar adventure is the "online" tool. So get going by advertising public interest, serving your customers, establishing a presence, sound the trumpet for sales, reach the media and show you care.
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