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Which Online Affiliate Program is the Fastest Growing?

May 18, 2008
In a recent article I was 'taking the shoe' to affiliate marketing programs that roped you into monthly autoships of product that just stayed on your shelf. You know the type I am taking about, those gel drinks, those vitamin pills, that milkshake. It just seemed plain wrong to me that you HAD to buy in order to be active in the the program.Therefore, any affiliate program that does not follow this approach is already streets ahead of the competition in my opinion. And if they are popular with people because of what they do then that is of definite interest to me!

There is one such affiliate program that seems to be ticking all the boxes and creating quite a storm as you will see shortly and this program has NO requirements to purchase inventory nor to stockpile products. Some of the key points to wet your appetite are:

1) The program has hit number 1 spot as the most popular online personal development company in the world in only 9 months;

2) It has enrolled approximately 80,000 students in 178 countries across the world in the first two and a half years;

3) It has grown so fast that it has passed up the traffic rankings of companies that have been in business for decades;

4) And as it is so cheap to join, it makes it affordable for anyone in the world to enrol.

So what is the program you ask?! The program is Success University and what it does is it gives you "private" access to more than 100 of the world's most advanced personal development courses on the planet. It also provides you with access to over 50 of the world's most famous speakers, trainers and authors who collectively have helped millions of people become successful.You can take various courses all from the privacy of your own home on almost any subject e.g. finances, relationships, time management.

You can tap into programs and learn from people like Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jay Abraham and Robert Allen to mention but a few. So not only can you build a business but you can learn from the greats while you earn. If you know any of these authors and speakers you will know their products individually can cost over $100 per program. With SU you get them just about for nothing.

If you already into personal development this program has got to be a no-brainer, and if have yet to get into personal development, then this is the best platform to do so as well.
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Arthur Magoulianiti runs www.breakfreefromtheratrace.com a website dedicated to researching and reviewing the best best income generating products on the market as well as USA, Asian, African and European Affiliate Marketing Programs
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