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Secrets To Building A 7 Figure Empire Online

May 18, 2008
There is so much money being made on the internet that it's stupid. And if your reading this your genius because I'm going to be revealing secrets not many people are aware of.

You see, many online guru's don't want to share with you their real secrets because then you would be on the same level playing field as them and you would no longer buy their products. You would simply create your own and start raking in all the money, I mean why wouldn't you?

First things first, start branding yourself so you can start establishing yourself as the expert. Many people fail in home business and in network marketing because they are not branding themselves. People naturally want to follow the "leader" or make an intelligent buying decision based on expertise. This is what people buy into, they buy into YOU as the expert.

An extremely simple way of branding yourself would be to start writing some articles on a consistent basis and submitting them to the top article directories on the net. Every time you write an article you get to type in your bio with a link in your authors section box. Here's an example, "Learn how internet marketing expert YOUR NAME HERE is revolutionizing the home based business industry." Put in whatever your tag is and position yourself as the expert, this is how you brand yourself.

The key is consistency here. Typing one lousy article isn't going to get you anywhere fast but type an article everyday for 90 days straight every single day and see the massive response you generate. By submitting a simple article a day for 90 days you will create a massive army of branding and expertise all attracting back to you and your website. Publishers may find one of your articles floating around on the web and may want to feature it broadcasting it out to hundreds of thousands of readers. Imagine the traffic your website will produce then.

The next secret is building a list. When it comes to internet marketing it's all about your list. With no list to market to you will not generate any sales. So how can I start building my own list?

Crate a simple landing(data capture) page with a opt in section. Offer some free valuable info like a free report or Ebook in exchange for their contact information. Start building your list immediately or your just hurting yourself.

Your list doesn't have to be a million names long. I know very successful marketers making 7 figure incomes online from just a list of 5,000 strong. It's not about how large your list is, it's about how responsive and developed your list is that makes ALL the difference here. So start developing a list ASAP and I would recommend sending them valuable information on a regular basis so you can build that relationship & trust with them.

Now I am bringing out the big guns, Joint Ventures. A Joint Venture is a business enterprise in which 2 or more companies combine forces to multiply their efforts. Joint Ventures are the holy grail of internet marketing.

Here is an example of how it works and how it all goes down. Let's say marketer A has a list of 25,000. Ok, now marketer B has his own list of 25,000. They find similar list types then exchange list or cross promote to instantly double their database along with their profits. It's being done everywhere and if you want to be big time start finding some jv partners on the internet, it's the perfect place to start looking. They have become a blessing to me on my journey and thousands of others in more ways then one.

These are all those missing secrets, pieces to the puzzle, hidden gems or whatever you want to call them. The bottom line is this, if you want to build a 7 figure empire online beyond your wildest dreams then get out there and start branding yourself.

Go absolutely nuts meaning just take massive focused action & have fun with this. Build a solid responsive list, continue to provide them with value to build relationships with. Go network with some other online like thinkers and do some joint ventures together and you'll be within the top 1% of online marketers out there, I promise you that.
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