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Self Promotion As Advertising

May 18, 2008
Just like any other method of getting the word out about something, self promotion is advertising oneself. A more delicate approach must be taken lest one seem like a braggart. There are different ways to go about this; the best place to start is to gather and create content relevant to the subject of the promotion which is not always easy to do.

In this connected world, having a website for your business is an absolute must. Of course, this has become easier as more and more people have learned web design, bringing prices down for getting a professional looking site. There's many different kinds of website you could have, but aim high - a one page site isn't going to get you too far. Graphics need to be incorporated to grab the attention of visitors. However, the most important element of a website is the content.

Hire the services of copywriters who specialize in search engine optimization (or SEO). This will help your site achieve a high page ranking among the search engines: Google, Yahoo! and so on. Having your site show up high in a list of search results is vital. Get your site noticed by the search engines or you are likely to flounder on the web. Make sure to update your content often to keep attracting new visitors and retaining repeat visitors to your site. A well designed logo is also a must - it is one of the most important parts of building a brand image for your business.

Besides using articles as content on your site, you should attempt to get them published anywhere you can - newspapers, magazines and the like. Try a "ten reasons to try this product" angle. Getting your articles widely disseminated over the web will also lead to better search engine rankings, helping your business to continue growing.

Television is another venue in which you should advertise if at all possible. A commercial aired during prime time will reach a lot of people. If you can, get celebrity endorsements for your product or service and use them in the commercial.

Don't be afraid to admit it when a part of your advertising campaign isn't working. You need to continually refine your approach and use what works while dropping what does not. Be sure to spotlight any notable successes of your firm, this will bring in customers.

Keep on top of what the competition is doing. You can examine them and learn from what they do. Your aim should be to fill niches they do not, as well as trying to improve on their product or service.

Direct mail, while a more costly and time consuming angle to advertise can be very effective. People do read their mail and it is an opportunity to inform the public about new products or services your business can offer them. There is of course the updated approach of an email list, which can serve the same function at much lower cost. After all, you can email as many people as you like at once - and with the post this can become prohibitively expensive.

Remember to engage in product test marketing. Give out free samples of any new product before you offer it for sale. Get feedback; this will let you know if the public is interested in your product, whether the product needs some fine tuning and so on. Ask friends, relatives and clients to test your product before turning to the public - you want opinions from people you trust.

The occasional gift to your customers is a good way to retain customer loyalty. Thank them from time to time for using your product or service and offer a discount or a gift. Remember, once you get to the top you want to stay there!
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