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How To Manage Your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

May 18, 2008
The Internet has become a large and growing market, with more and more people coming Online. This has resulted in a lot of competition for the small businessperson, making it hard for them to get the edge on the market. Because of this situation many business owners are trying to find alternative forms of marketing.

Google Adwords is the answer to their prayers. It is a well-known form of advertising. Just create and ad around a keyword and submit it to the search engine. Then your ad will pop up on the right hand side of the search results.

Where are Google Adwords? They are the small ads that come up with the search results when you put a keyword into the Google search engine. Advertisers who are using Google Adwords make all these ads.

Do not have any illusion that starting and managing a Google Adwords campaign is an easy task. No doubt it has the potential to skyrocket your profits and will give your ad wonderful exposure. However the downside is that Adwords is a pay-per-click program and will rapidly use up your advertising budget if not kept in check.

Because of these facts you need to pay attention to how you manage your pay per click marketing campaign. The initial step is to choose your keywords carefully. This because you will need to pinpoint your specific niche market, so that you can get buyers for your products and services. However you should also make sure your keywords would be general enough to attract a reasonable amount of traffic.

It is very important to compute your bids in order to be successful with your campaign. Some wasted leads are inevitable with online advertising and this will cost money. You should be aware of the benefits and risks of a campaign before embarking on it.

Obviously an advertisement will be positioned better if you pay 30-40 cents than if you paid 10-15 cents. This is because it will have far better exposure, given the fact that most searchers will not look further than the first 3-5 pages of search results. However positioning will not be very relevant if you get very few sales. In fact it will be a waste of your 30-40 cents.

Once you select your keywords and start your campaign, you will need to keep a watchful eye on it. Managing every detail is critical to your success. In fact you must do deep analysis on your ads and keywords. As mentioned, ads with a large amount of weak traffic can cost a lot of money. When you link your ads back to your site they are easily tracked. Ads that are not pulling should be adjusted or even just discarded.

If you want a successful campaign you must monitor it carefully. You can even hire a company to manage your campaigns, if you are not able to do it yourself. In fact a good management company will bring you increased profits and is well worth the money you will invest on them.
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