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Does Your Web Copy Speak To The Reader Or Does It Speak About Yourself?

May 18, 2008
How to make sure that your website content is really talking to your potential customers?

Whenever you are setting up a new site with new information, are you appealing to the right people? When you start a new business, you have to make sure that your site and your ads are appealing to your niche market. That means you have to make sure that the people that are more likely to buy your product are the people that you are talking to. For example, you would not try and sell a skateboard to a grandmother, just like you would not try and sell dresses to boys.

Doing so is trying to appeal to the wrong market. Well, there is one more thing that you have to worry about when you are writing your web copy. Does your website speak to your reader or does it speak about yourself? This is something that a lot of people are not thinking when they are writing articles about their site, however, it could be one of the biggest sales killers out there!

When you are writing your web copy, do you have the right tone? For example, are you talking a lot about yourself? Or are you talking to the people that are reading it? Well, you should be talking to the people that are reading it, because you are trying to relate to them. You are trying to appeal to that group, and you do that better by talking to them and not about yourself.

To find out if you are talking more to the people or more about yourself, look at the words that you are using in your web copy. Are you using things that talk about your company like: we, we're, we will, ours, and so on. If so, then you are talking more about the company and not really relating to the people that are reading it. You have to make this appeal to the people by telling them how it will affect them, not how it will affect you!

Whenever you are writing your web copy, you need to try and say things like you can, yours, you, etc. You need to be showing how your products or services are going to be helping the people that are using it. Try to avoid things that are going to talk about your company. The only place that you need to talk about your company is on the "about us" page of your website. Other than that, you need to appeal to the people that may want to buy the product.

If you are not a good copywriter, it may be a good idea to hire a professional copywriter to develop great copy for your website. People reading your website typically scan the page rather than read every word. Consequently, it's crucial that you have the right words to grab and hold the visitor's attention. That way you are sure to get a web copy that talk to the right audience.

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