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Learn the secrets to finding a money making MLM Business

May 18, 2008
A lot of people don't fully understand the full potential of Network Marketing. This is because there are so many un-reliable companies starting out. Therefore you should never just jump right into any venture, without first comprehending MLM and the steps involved in choosing the right system.

However this business model is perfect for anybody who has a desire to run thier own home business, and have some sort of people skills. There are no skills required, so long as you are willing to put the work in, treat it like any other genuine business, and can handle dealing with people.

Before going any further, you must comprehend the difference between Network Marketing and Pyramiding.

Make sure you fully comprehend this part, so you can tell the difference.

How a Multi Level Marketing company works, is by suppling their product or service to consumers through a network of distributors instead of through wholesalers and retail stores, like most companies. The distributors then make a percentage from the sales they make as well as the sales people they sign up make.

Pyramid selling on the other hand, pays you for each new distributor that you sign up, unlike a product driven company that pays commisions for products sold. You really need to understand this as pyramiding is illegal in most countries.

The next thing to consider is the companies age.

With the average life span of any new Multi Level Marketing company only about 7 months, you should look for a well established company. A new MLM company might try to suggest that the earlier you get in the better the opportunity but this isn't so.

You want a well established company, with a trusted product. If the product is good, you don't have to worry about getting in to late, because there will always be an expanding market. You don't want to put your time and money into a short lived venture, the older the company the more successful it must be.

Any product driven company can only survive if their products are sold, therefore they should be dedicated to helping you succeed, and provide you with all the training and resources needed to expand your business.

They should however never use pressure to make sales, a distributor should be able to expand their business at whatever speed they like, and not feel pressured by the company. Although being product driven, they must make sales, so any good company will provide higher commisions and rewards for distributors that make higher levels of sales.

It just makes sense to reward behaviour that increases profits for the company, and this in turn increases profits for distributors.

So there you have it, anyone can start a MLM business with no experience, but you should research the company, make sure there well established, provide full support and training and most importantly are a product driven company.
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Luke researched many opportunities and now provides a work from home MLM business opportunity with full training. The product line is well established check out Average To Fortune for a free report
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