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Brian Tracy Success: ABCDE Method to Set Priorities

May 18, 2008
Brian Tracy is an international success coach. He has produced a Podcast series entitled "21 Great Ways To Double Your Productivity." In this installment of that series, Brian Tracy discuss how to double your output by using the ABCDE Method.

Brian Tracy's ABCDE Method of time management is one of the most effective tools available. You'll find his methods simple and easy to implement.

This method will help you to learn to pick the most valuable task and then to discipline yourself to work on that task until it is complete. Time management revolves around helping to clarify for you the most important task that you should be working on, before you start working.

In order for you to determine which task you should be working on, or not working on, Brian Tracy says that you need to think about the consequences of doing or not doing the task. An important task is a task that can have major consequences whether it is done or not.

All highly productive people constantly think about potential consequences of the tasks they need to perform as they plan. Then they choose to work on the tasks that will have the greatest consequences.

The three steps of Brian Tracy's Successful ABCDE Method:

1. Make a list of all of your To Do's.

2. Label each item with an A, B, C, D, or E.

An "A" item represents something that you must do. These items have serious consequences. These are your key tasks. Work on these first.

"B" items are "Should Do's" but carry fewer consequences than "A" tasks.

"C" items are nice to do, but have no consequences. These are things like reading the newspaper at work, phoning a friend, or going out for coffee. Again, these are nice to do, but carry no consequences for your career or for your long-term success.

Remember that you should never work on a "B" when an "A" still exists on your list. The same goes for "C" items. Don't work on these until all of the "B" tasks are complete.

D's need to be completed but should be given to someone else. In one word - delegate. The only time you should spend on these tasks is the amount of time it takes you to figure out someone to delegate the task to.

"E" means Eliminate. Get rid of these without fear of consequence.

It'll take discipline for you to stop working on your non-important tasks. Sometimes it just feels good to cross something off of your to-do list. Don't fall into this trap. Soon you'll find yourself with little time to complete your most important tasks.

And finally...

3. Organize your "A" tasks by priority.

Put "1" by highest value task, "2" by the next highest value: A1, A2, A3, etc. Once this is complete, put everything else aside and begin working on "A1" right away. Work on "A1" is fully complete.

This secret will lead you to increased productivity. Brian Tracy's full "21 Great Ways To Double Your Productivity" Podcast series contains many great tips to bring out your best work.
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