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Learn Brian Tracy's ABCDE Method for Priorities

May 18, 2008
In his Podcast series "21 Great Ways To Double Your Productivity", Brian Tracy teaches how to set priorities with the "ABCDE Method".

You will find the principles discussed in this article simple to implement in your life. The ABCDE Method by Brian Tracy is hands-down one of the most effective time management methods anywhere.

Learning to pick your most important task and working on that task until it is complete is the most important time management principle you can learn. The ABCDE Method will help you to identify your highest value tasks before you start working. Identifying these high value tasks before you start working is imperative to your success.

To figure out which task is most valuable to work on, think about the consequences of completing each task. Your important tasks are the ones that will have the greatest consequences, whether or not you complete them.

To be like other super productive people, you will need to learn to constantly contemplate all potential consequences of your daily tasks. Next you'll have to start working on the most important tasks, immediately.

Here's how to use Brian Tracy's ABCDE method:

1. Make a list of all of your To Do's.

2. Go through the list and put one of these letters (ABCDE) by each item

An "A" item represents something that you must do. These items have serious consequences. These are your key tasks. Work on these first.

A "B" item is "Should Do" but is not as important as an "A" item. There are only mild consequences to not completing these tasks. The consequences are only short-lived.

C's are nice to do, but not essential to do. Your long-term success will not be affected at all by these tasks.

The rule is to never do a "B" item when an "A" item is still on the list; never do "C" when there's still a "B". Pretty easy instructions, but it takes discipline to implement the list and follow it in order.

"D" tasks should be delegated. Don't even work on these, personally. Pass these off to partners or coworkers who can complete the job equally well as you. These have consequences, but someone else can work on them.

"E" stands for eliminate. You can eliminate these tasks and there will be no consequences.

It'll take discipline for you to stop working on your non-important tasks. Sometimes it just feels good to cross something off of your to-do list. Don't fall into this trap. Soon you'll find yourself with little time to complete your most important tasks.


3. Order "A" tasks by priority.

You do this by placing numbers by each item. 1 for the most important, 2 for the next important, etc. You'll end up with a list that looks like this: A1, A2, A3, ... Next stick to A1 until there is nothing left to do on that task.

If you truly want to double your productivity, you would be wise to adapt the ABCDE Method into your daily planning. Brian Tracy is a master at what he teaches, as demonstrated by his own success.
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