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Turn The Internet Into A MLM Team Building Tool

May 18, 2008
Most often when people hear the term multi-level marketing, or MLM, they think 'pyramid scheme' or 'sales' and cringe. Thanks to the Internet, MLM doesn't always equal face-to-face selling anymore. There are many ways to promote your home-based business without feeling that you are imposing on others.

The birth of online social networks has opened a whole new venue for those who enjoy other aspects of multi-level marketing. If you currently promote an MLM business that sells something, then someone, somewhere is looking to buy it. When properly marketed, a multi-level marketing business will generate its own leads and sales.

There are many ways to promote your online MLM business. This article will discuss various methods of promotion and provide a few names to help get you started. Just remember, effective marketing is not the same as 'spam'. Effective marketing will get you and your products noticed; spam will get you denied and removed from most public Web sites.

Promoting your business on veteran social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook can be advantageous. As of January 2008, MySpace had more than 110 million active monthly users and growth of about 300,000 new members per day. It is estimated that about 85 percent of MySpace users are 18 or older.

In the same study, Facebook was reported to have the highest growth rate of popular social networking sites. Facebook has more than 60 million active users and is growing by about 250,000 new members per day. More than 55,000 individual friend networks exist on Facebook with more than half of its users age 25 or older. What this means for you is a nearly unlimited friends list with great potential for explosive sales and business growth.

While you're exploring social networking sites, don't overlook newer sites like Yuwie and Twixal. Both sites are less known than their social networking predecessors, but allow many of the same functions. As of February 2008, Yuwie had more than 500,000 registered users.

Twixal, which just launched in January 2008, offers article submission, classified ads, forums, galleries and blogs. Of course there are more visitors to the veteran social networking sites, but generally you have more freedom of advertising on newer sites.

That's not to say spam is tolerable anywhere. Let's face it, spam just makes you look bad and leaves a bad impression of multi-level marketing businesses in general. Well worded blogs, messages and articles are widely acceptable and free advertising is good advertising.

Blogs are another very reliable way to promote your MLM enterprise. Blog sites like Blogspot or LiveJournal allow you the freedom to discuss business with other like-minded individuals. Both Blogspot and LiveJournal have tens of thousands of bloggers who blog every single day.

Like social networking sites, most blog sites also have the option to have a friends list, sometimes referred to as a blog roll. Blogging has become an excellent way to get your business and products noticed. Blogging allows you to promote new items or special offers. Content management software you can install on your own personal Web server, such as WordPress and b2evolution, offer exposure through social networks as well.

Article marketing is the process of writing articles to submit to article sites like Article Marketer or Ezine Articles. These sites generally charge a minimal fee, but guarantee no plagiarism. If you're not a writer, that's no problem. Some article marketing sites offer ghostwriting as one of their paid services. You can have professional or freelance ghostwriters write your articles for you. You will own all copyrights; after all, it's your article.

Another lesser-used form of advertising is called link building. Link building, when done properly, helps increase your site's credibility and rankings on search engines. Link building is the process of leaving a link to your site on someone else's forum, blog or Web site. Many blog owners and webmasters consider any links to outside sites spam and delete it.

Respect the wishes of these webmasters; otherwise it does nothing but make your site look like spam. If you enjoy reading other people's blogs and you see that your product, service or business may benefit someone, leave a comment with a link to your site. If the blog owner removes the message and asks that you not leave links, respect their wishes. You're simply there to offer your assistance. If they aren't looking for that type of assistance, try your message elsewhere.

Remember, not everyone looks at multi-level marketing with the same optimistic view. However, when properly marketed, your MLM has the potential to grow exponentially. That's what it's all about: growing your business so you can help others do the same.
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Antonio L. Mitchell is a professional Network Marketer who specializes in showing others how to have a 'Fully Automated' Network Marketing Business in the 21st Century.

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